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TimberTech Deck – It has just begun!

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TimberTech Deck – it has just begun and probably our BIGGEST DIY YET!! We will be sharing step by step so make sure to follow along!

This project is a special one, because it is all James! He thought, dreamed, and designed this project and I am so excited the time has come to start it!

Now, let’s look at where we started. Here you can see where it all begun!

If you can believe this is the same space, and while its pretty amazing it is going to be so much better when we add our TimberTech Deck!

Now, we get to the hard part what color do we go with?

Here are our options!

Number 1. English Walnut – Vintage Collection
Number 2. Tigerwood – Legacy Collection
Number 3. Weathered Teak – Vintage Collection
Number 4. Boardwalk – Landmark Collection
Number 5. Castle Gate – Landmark Collection
Number 6. Coastline – Vintage Collection

Order SAMPLES at TimberTech

* I do have to say it was very light outside when we took these photos – and if you get the samples make sure not to choose indoors it makes such a difference they are much darker in other lighting.

My vote is Grey while James likes the more natural below!

This is the TimberTech Weathered Teak and this is James number one choice. Now that we are to the color picking I should probably show you the design!

Here is the deck James designed. It is a Platform deck and 30 feet by 21 feet. TimberTech has this amazing 3D deck designer tool that makes it easy for you to not only dream but make your deck a reality!

Now why did we decide to go with TimberTech?

Our love for TimberTech started before we even moved to this house. We built a wood deck at our last house and the painted wood was so much upkeep, living in the PNW we need a deck that can withstand all the seasons and the biggest – easy upkeep! When we looked at our house now, one of the biggest selling points was our TimberTech deck! Living with it for the last two years it has been a dream! The most work is using some of the TimberTech cleaner and a brush, it is that easy! We LIVE to spend anytime we can outside so having a nice deck is so important to us.

Now it is time for us to start our TimberTech Deck and I hope you follow along, get some inspiration and excited to see what it looks like this summer!

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