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{Ikea Hack} DIY – Mudroom Bench Built In!

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When we first started our laundry room/mudroom remodel, we had these grand plans of doing a great built in with tons of storage. Then it came to the time to do it and all we could see is $$$ signs. We opted out for a quick solution that was under $100! It looked great, and held some of our “stuff” but it wasn’t practical. Fast forward a year….we were hanging out in our kids room, and all of a sudden I had this moment where I realized we could do an Ikea Hack and get what we were looking for! Naturally, that night I moved stuff around… listed everything I could for sale so I could start on my project! Everything sold… and it was time to begin! 

Shopping Time!! 

Here are the Supplies you will need :

* Make sure to measure your space and purchase accordingly. 


3 – General Purpose MDF 8ft – 3 1/2in by 11/16in  

5 – General Purpose MDF 8ft – 2 1/2in by 11/16in

6- Corbels 

1 – Primed MDF 21/32in x 7 1/4in x 8.08ft

Brad Nailer, Brad Nails, Paint, Paint Brush, Painting Supplies


1- (Base) Ikea Kallax – we used what we had, and what fit our space the older model.                                                           This was a 5 cube now they have 4.

1 – Shelving 3/4in x 15 1/4in x 97in ** I wouldnt recommend this but just get ply

1 – Piece of foam

1- Canvas Drop Cloth 6×9  ( I purchased at lowes this link is for amazon) 

Staple Gun/Staples

Where to begin: 

Our wall was shiplapped already, if it wasn’t we would have done directly on the wall and filled any holes. I wouldn’t paint till you are finished so wait on that! 


You will want to first measure out where you want the boards to go, we put our Ikea Kallax (Expedite)  against the wall and used that as our starting point. 

Once you do the border, you will then decide where you want the boards in the middle to go, we chose to do the smaller mdf so it gave us more space in between for storage.

After all the boards are in place, you can make your shelf! We placed the corbels on each end, then went in the middle! For the shelf part, we wanted it to have a backboard so we used an extra piece of MDF that we had for that and it let the shelf board stick out to where we wanted to.

Next was adding the hooks!

Now the longest part – painting! 

Time to finish the bench! The Ikea Kallax ( Expedite) is easy ecspecially  if you have already, or buy used! 

You will need your Plywood, Foam, Fabric ( we used drop cloth) , and staples.

* We purchased a piece of shelving for this project and have used plywood before – I would go that route and have them cut to size! The shelving we used was so hard to staple in!  

Take your plywood and put the foam on top. Wrap the Fabric around the foam and board, cut all the excess. Now you will be pulling tight, but not to tight and stapling all around! 

Viola! You now have the top of your bench, just set ontop of the Kallax. We have never screwed ours in since we never had problems with our kids moving their bench tops in their playroom, so that would be an optional choice.

Time for the fun part! Time to decorate! We hope this was an easy tutorial for you, please leave any questions in the comments below.

Here are some befores and the after!

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  1. IN LOVE with this whole look! The Ikea bench hack is genius. I just might have to do this under our window in our office to create a seating spot. 🙂

  2. Wow Sarah! This is amazing! I love this idea! Don’t be surprised if I copy this! Thanks again for sharing it with us for Friday Friends Parade Linky party!

    xoxo Jodie & Julie

  3. Wow Sarah! This is amazing! I love this idea! Don’t be surprised if I copy this! Thanks again for sharing it with us for Friday Friends Parade Linky party!

    xoxo Jodie & Julie

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