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Home Happier – Living Room

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Our living room has been through so many changes. I can’t wait to share how we made our home, happier with Bed Bath & Beyond.

This room took awhile to grow on me, its been through a lot of changes. Along the way have been my favorite pieces from Bed Bath & Beyond. This fireplace is what started it all.

Along with finding my favorite pieces at Bed Bath & Beyond. We did quite a few DIYS to make our Home, Happier. Our fireplace is included in that you can see all the details HERE.

This coffee table is the most gorgeous table I have seen, I love the unique features and the gorgeous color. It goes in and out of stock at Bed Bath & Beyond but is a must!

Soon after we bought our fireplace, this little curio cabinet found its way into our home. We fell in love. It was just what this little corner needed to make our home, happier.

I can share this table and matching side table all day. For now let me show you the most amazing BEFORE & AFTER of this space!

Here is the photo of the first day we looked at our home.

It had berber carpets which we took out literally the day we moved in. We kept the orange lights for way to many years….

Many years later we upgraded the space and here it is below see how we have made our home happier.

Our goal was to finish our living room by Christmas. The living room was done just in time to enjoy it! We may have not got all the detail work done till a few weeks ago but we did it.

Looking through all these past times are so bittersweet. I just love each stage. It’s fun to see how much we have done to make our house a home.

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