New Years Eve – Soup Bar & Setup

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New Years Eve a Soup Bar and a fun set up, yes please! We can’t forget about all the fun games too!

This New Years Eve we wanted to do something different and while our decor we just went with more disco balls, we did a soup bar! Saran Wrap Ball game is always a must, but we added a new game I can’t wait to share all about! This year started off good without being to windy so Chinese Paper lanterns and fireworks to ring in the New Year!

I love a good Bar cart, and this one not only serves its purpose but is so pretty too!

Fun idea that isn’t only cute, but tasty – Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Hershey kisses made the perfect clock!

The disco ball bowl stole the show, its not only great for drinks but you can do flowers too!

Count down balloons, party poppers – yes please!

Soup Bar :

Now for the soup bar!

Soup Bar – Yes please!
We made some homemade soup and chili but the best part was ordering from Olive Garden!
How to keep your soup warm? Dutch Ovens and Crockpots! We only set it out when it was time to eat then kept it warm to eat through the night!
It was such a hit and great for people showing up all through the night and the best part we got to try all the soups and have endless bread!

After the soups were done a new set up! Drinks!


Here is the funnest game!

Blindfolded Spatula Game How to play:
We had dollar bills, lottery tickets, and a few larger bills. Don’t forget a blindfold.
Then we found the perfect spatula, and got a cutting board and covered it with foil.
OBJECT of the game : Blind fold the person, they have whatever time you decide on to scoop as much money/prizes. Make sure to video tape its so fun!! Lots of laughs and fun!
* After each turn move the money around!
* You need to decide on timing we started with 10 seconds and went up!

Saran Wrap Ball Game :
Here are just a few of the prizes! We play this game every year and its so much fun!

What you will need :
Saran Wrap – the more rolls the BIGGER the ball! ( at least 5 big rolls or get the costco size!)
Prizes of any kind ( all depends on age)
Oven Mits
2 dice

Make sure when you are wrapping that it is NOT one continuous line. Wrap it tight, and make sure to cut off ends, twist it, whatever you got to do to make it tricky! If any holes keep filling and it will end up a ball even with odd shape things. Wrap and wrap till you are done.

Pick a person to start, then they need to wear oven mitts. The person next to them on the left will start rolling dice. As soon as they get doubles – they yell doubles and take the ball. Whatever the person that had the mitts on unrolls gets to keep those prizes that fall out. You keep doing this round and round till it ends.

* We have the rule where the ball has to stay on the ground – that way no dropping or throwing.

* To make it harder you can have rules where they can’t rip and have to use just the end – we don’t do that because we make it tricky already.

This was our biggest and heaviest Saran Wrap ball! 28.4 pounds! It was our longest game too – so fun for New Years Eve!

We started the New Year sending off our wishes with the Chinese lanters and fireworks, it was so special!

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for a fun New Years Eve!

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