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DIY Grape Arbor Trellis

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DIY Grape Arbor Trellis, did someone say grapes? Yes please! We are growing 3 different kinds but first let’s build them something to climb on!

We are going to build it right next to our garden, I can just see it now. Maybe we will add some DIY string lights too? As I drew out the design James asked if I was sneaking in our monkey bar arbor we built at our old house, not this time. Let’s get ready to build!

Supplies for your DIY Grape Arbor / Trellis :

Lumber :
( Measure how much you will need for your space and how high. We did ours 24 feet long)
4x4x10 – These are for the posts
2x6x12 – These go across the entire length
2x4x8 – These are for your top pieces

Other Materials :
Deck Screws
TimberLok Structural Screws

Miter Saw/Circular Saw
Speed Square
Shovel/something to mix cement in
Post hole digger ( optional)

Step 1 .
Before anything figure how big you want your grape arbor trellis to be. We wanted a large one so ours is 24 feet long. Then buy your supplies and make sure you have everything you need.

Step 2.
Measure and dig your holes.

Step 3.
Mix your cement

Step 4.
Place your 4×4 posts in the ground and make sure level and line up with your other posts.

Step 5.
You will then add your cement, still making sure all is level and lined up.

Step 6.
Time to prep cutting your wood.
First it was time to cut the inside pieces. I would give an exact measurement but do to however you want it to look. On our old trellis we did really big space this time we wanted it smaller.

Once we attached the support pieces in the middle using the structural screws it was time for the 2x6x12 to be added on.

This part we needed two ladders since so much taller, so the truck came in handy. ( Always have use safety)

Once we got the 2x6x12 up I reminded James I wanted to angle the sides – so make sure to do that first if that is the look you are going for!

Easy fix right? So much better too!! It’s looking so good already!

Here she is the beginning of the DIY Grape Arbor Trellis!! Now let’s make it look even prettier!

James is pre-drilling the tops so it makes it easy to install! After you put your screw in its best to add a silicone on top thats water resistant.

Let’s get these installed!

Spacing is all up to you and preference! We wanted it a bit closer for the grapes to be able to grab on!

Since they were all predrilled it makes it a lot easier to just drill in!

Just repeat till you get to the end!

Here it is! Look how good this DIY Grape Arbor Trellis looks. Now what do you think should we add some color? Add some lights??

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DIY Grape Arbor Trellis | Dreaming of Homemaking

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  1. We build a walk way grape arbor 5ft wide x 24ft long…. Planted green laker grapes grew so well there in the county for years. Love a grape arbor! U will too ☺️

    1. Wow that is amazing!! I could just imagine it! We have been learning as we go and making changes to this arbor… this year brings some new ones and we are adding two new grape plants! So excited!

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