How to Grow Hellebores – Lenten Rose

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How to Grow Hellebores – Lenten Rose. These are the best flower to let you know spring is almost here! They are so beautiful and easy to grow.

How to Grow Hellebores – Lenten Rose :

Hellebores are such a fun and easy plant to grow, and just need some simple things :
1. Partial to full shade. This spot I have mine in has morning sun and then afternoon shade, as you can see they thrive here!
2. They love a rich soil, that is also well draining. Adding organic matter is great for them they do like neutral soil / alkaline.
3. How much water? Too much water they can rot, that is why you want to make sure its well draining. They do like moisture. Another reason I think they like this pond area.
4. When to prune? In the spring and summer I like to deadhead any of the old leaves – make sure you do this close to the base. I have a funny story next for you!
5. Where to buy? I love Monrovia, or any local nursery!

My Hellebore looks dead, with brown leaves what do I do?

Funny story, for Christmas I got my mom and dad a hellebore from Monrovia. They live in Ohio so the ground stays very cold. My mom pampered it inside… but then it was getting brown leaves like you see above in the photo. DON’T PANIC – you just cut them off! I like to do this through the year and my hellebores always look great and have bloomed through the summer and fall …they are just supposed to bloom through spring but mine have a mind of their own.

When to plant Hellebores – Lenten Roses?

When to plant them, well they say fall or whenever the ground isn’t frozen. I have planted literally every time of the year fall, winter, spring. summer and they always do great for me! So generally speaking fall-winter. These are my newly planted Hellebores, some fresh soil and water after does the trick! I can’t wait to show you as time goes on! I did realize I do need some more. That is always a good problem to have right?

This beauty right here is MASSIVE and so beautiful! She is original to the house and while we took out most of the plants this one we kept!

I wish you can see how beautiful she is in person, and really so easy to take care of.

I am excited to watch this Lenten Rose as it grows and blooms. She is on her second year for me.

It is crazy how each plant does so differently you can see a second year plant above and this one is too!

Can you grow Hellebores in a Pot?

Where to Buy Hellebores – Lenten Rose?

I like to buy mine from the local nurseries – Monrovia hellebores I love! I did order them online at Christmas time you can check them out!

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How to Grow Hellebores - Lenten Roses

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