St Patricks Day Set Up – Leprechaun Feet & Pants

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St Patricks Day Set Up – Leprechaun Feet and Pants along with fun traps! I am sharing all the details and hopefully you can start this fun tradition!

I love a fun charcuterie board for any holiday, wether its homemade or store bought it makes them extra special .

For St Patricks Day Leprechaun Pants and Leprechaun Feet are a must! These cute little pants my mother in law made many years ago and they are so fun!

Traps are a must and you can make one out of a box and supplies at home, or buy cute ones you put together.

Our little guy always leaves his pants in the trap and you will find a trail of green feet. It is so fun and easy just use the side of your hand and your finger for the little toes. You will see our Leprechaun has two of the same feet – that is what makes him different.

Our Leprechaun trap with his pants left, and you can see his little feet escape out the window.

Now for a charcuterie! Green and Gold filled with lots of goodies and our favorite part green milk!

Cute plates are always a must and the pot of gold along with rainbows makes the perfect St Patricks Day.

You can always do some rainbow pancakes, lucky charms cereal, green sprinkle donuts, the list goes on for so many ideas!

I hope this post gave you some inspiration, and if you need some more check out below!

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St. Patricks Day Set Up - Leprechaun Feet & Pants

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