Chicken Coop and Extra Large Chicken Run

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Chicken Coop and Extra Large Chicken Run – because chicken math is real and we wanted to keep our chickens safe from the predators! Sharing all the details!

When we first built our coop and run, we planned for it to be a spot the chickens can go to eat and sleep and we would let them free range all day. We made sure to build it so nothing could get in using Deer Busters Hardware Cloth, and nothing could but when we let them out it was a whole new thing and the eagles wouldn’t let them be. It was time to add on and make our chickens safe.

First time chicken owners and we started with this coop and run. Little did we know how real chicken math would be and just wanting a spot for them all to go!

Today this is where we are! We have two coops, and one smaller run going out to an extra large chicken run. We did the Deer Busters Hardware cloth once again, it not only looks amazing but it is 19 Gauge Galvanized Steel in black so no painting and is PVC Coated!

What more add onto our Chicken Coop & Extra Large Chicken Run?

  • Adding landscaping – Grass, rocks, roses
  • Taking out the pea gravel in the run – it isn’t working for us
  • Grazing Boxes
  • Border around the whole coop with flowers and mulch
  • Lights
  • Duck House
  • Duck Pond
  • Redo inside both coops
  • Chicken tunnel

Large Gates are on both ends of this extra large chicken run, we wanted to make sure that we can get the tractor as close in or a large cart. One thing we have learned while jumping into all of this is to make sure everything is accessible! On this back end we will eventually be adding a fun chicken tunnel so they can get grass – after we get the ground where we want it.

This is our orchard next to the coop, and we have some big plans so soon enough the chickens won’t be free ranging in this area when we are outside. Stay tuned to see that all come to life!

Here is our little arched entry from the old run to the new, it is quite the hit! They love it and I do too! We might add a little door on it just because its so cute! Stay tuned to all things chickens and all the details!

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Chicken Coop and Extra Large Chicken Run • Dreaming of Homemaking

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