Planting a Tree Rose

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Planting a Tree Rose, if you have been around you know my love for roses! Now I finally have a rose tree from Monrovia! Get ready for a funny story that really is how life works around here!

Here you can see the after progress, and when I say progress I really mean it – we still have a ways to go here and you will see why next!

I have wanted a tree rose for so long, and we went to My Garden Nursery and fell in love with these from Monrovia! I knew exactly where the one white was going to go but I couldn’t pass up these up – you know when you are at a garden center you never know if it will be there the next time so you just have to grab it! Then a few lilac bushes, roses, and lavender from Monrovia might have hopped in the car too!

Here are the tags to look or ask for, if you are wanting these specifically! Ok, now ready for the fun and story?

We couldn’t plant this gorgeous tree rose, and not have the rest look nice. So naturally it turned into draining the pond and yes we are going to be tackling it this week! Then …

I planned to keep the stump there and just plant the rose, but naturally one project turns into 20… and James got the stump out – just wait for the original before and after!

One positive, is the soil was broken up …until we found lots more of these rocks buried under the dirt! But this tree rose will sure thrive here!

*Tip – Always be careful planting trees of any sort next to your home. The tree rose thankfully does not get very big and its roots aren’t invasive like other trees.

Isn’t this Nitty Gritty White Tree Rose from Monrovia beautiful! I am so excited to plant the rest, but first we need to get this pond finished! Stay tuned. First lets check out where we started and the progress :

While we still have so many more plans and dreams and goals we are pretty proud of this space! Now lets show a little more of a full view!

When everything blooms and gets bigger it sure will be amazing!

Projects to do in this space :

Redo pond
Add Monrovia Roses
Add Monrovia Lavender
Get grass better
Add a trellis

Monrovia Rose Collection
Rose Guide
Find a Garden Center Near you

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Planting a Tree Rose

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