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Naked Cake Hack + Frosted Cranberries

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I wish I was an extraordinary baker, I am not.. so for now we will do my easy Naked Cake hack with some frosted cranberries.

When I say I am not a baker, I can bake. I just wish I had more time and experience.. one day right? For now I will create for others, welcome to my page! Just remember this isn’t perfect and that’s ok.

This all started many years ago when I wanted to buy a naked cake for my boys birthday. I heard the price 125+ and decided to do it myself. I ran out of time and ended up buying a cake – that is how it all started!

Ready to see the before and after?

This was just your simple walmart cake ( this was wild colors inside perfect for my boys) I scraped off the sides and it turned out just right!

Ingredients :

Cake ( store bought with frosting)
Rosemary – depends on preference
Cranberries – whole bag
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar for sauce
1/2 cup sugar for dried berries

* Good spatula for scraping

They didn’t have my normal round cake, and with everything going on I wasn’t going to stress it. Let me show you how we get this all done.

Here she is in all her glory, it’s time to take off that coconut! Not sure what kids love it?

Scrape all the sides and smooth.

Now it’s time to make the sugar coated cranberries.

Place your sugar and water in a pot, turn on medium high until dissolved.

Make sure when doing your tray, double up so the cranberries dont pop through.

You can get a pan, bowl, container to place your sugar in. Use a slotted spatula to get anything dripping/rolling away.

Now that they are done lets decorate the cake!

Here is your sneak! Head on over to HERE to see more.

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