How to Make Your Space Cozy for Christmas

  1. Amanda says:

    I love all the ideas…everything is so cozy!! And your kids are adorable!

  2. Tammt says:

    I definitely think you win for the coziest space! It is BEAUTIFUL! And those kiddos all decked out in their Christmas jammies are too cute!

  3. Wendy Shapiro says:

    I love that you make it cozy without clutter! A few pillows and blankets go a long way! 😍

  4. ashley says:

    So many pretty details Sarah! Definitely a cozy Christmas home. xoxo

  5. Tracy Ruff says:

    Kudos to you on your GORGEOUS home!! Great styling. Absolutely one of my favs on IG❤️

  6. COZY is right!!! So many great, pretty details and I LOVE the ‘can you spot what’s different’ – it really shows you how a few changes can really change a space. Love it!!!

  7. Jackie says:

    Oh my goodness how cute are those kiddos. I love all your Christmas decor!

  8. Chrissy says:

    That photo with your kids and Kevin on the screen! Its so, so cute! You definitely have an eye!

  9. Such a fun screen-shot! Beautiful photos and your home is so cozy. Happy Holidays!

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