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Cheap & Easy Sharpie Vertical Shiplap

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Cheap and Easy Sharpie Vertical Shiplap under $5 yes please! This cost me $2.66 and I still had enough to do more! Check out all the details below perfect for beginner to advanced DIYER!

I thought about doing our ceiling treatment HERE on the wall behind the desk, but with our shelves it wouldn’t work. Then I looked up wallpaper and it was to $$ for this little space and tricky too… I was like why don’t I try the sharpie shiplap!

After lots of research I found the right way to do it and so excited to share! I saw some use a pencil for sharpie shiplap and I wanted it more permanent than that… BUT you don’t just use a regular sharpie!! Let me show you :

Here is what you need :

Oil Based Sharpie Paint Pen – I used this one HERE

WHY NOT A regular sharpie? You will use SOO many and it will dry out – I promise don’t try it! This Sharpie Paint pen is AMAZING!!

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