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DIY Hanging Table

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Sometimes it is hard to find the right thing for your space, and finding a night stand for my daughters room wasn’t the easiest. We decided to make a hanging shelf so she had a spot to set her favorite things, but made sure it didn’t take up a lot of room. This is probably one of the easiest DIYS that we have done, so if this is something you want to add to your space make sure to follow along!

Here are the supplies we used :

Round Board
White Paint
Roller, paint supplies
Ceiling Hook

Now lets get started!

First you will mark where you want your holes to be. We drew a triangle, because we wanted three holes. It just depends how you want your spacing and the size of the round or square board you choose. We pre drilled the holes and then finished drilling with a bigger bit. ( You can just drill with the bigger bit, but we like to do it this way to make sure our holes are precisely where we want them.)

Next it is time to paint! ( I always use Pure White by Sherwin Williams)

I did a few coats and now its ready to add your rope and hang!

This part just depends on how you want it to look. I liked the look of the knots showing and we did three very tight ones.

Here is a photo of how we tied the top, we wanted a more finished look but you can just tie a knot and put it on your hook. We just used some jute yarn we had and covered up the knots.

Hopefully this was easy enough to follow along if you have any other questions just ask below! I would love to see your finished product make share to show me on Instagram so I can share!

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