How to Plant Grass – Backyard Redo

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Our backyard has come a long way, today I am going to share our backyard redo and I will show how to plant grass with so many tips!

Here is where it is today, now lets look at before :

This is where we started last year!

Now I am going to show you the process and what we used to get our grass to where it is today. I will be showing you on our side yard that we just did since our other yard we had to start over with new seed, and I will share why in a bit!


We started this year right here, and its come along way but really is all thanks to hard work and amazing grass seed from JB Instant Lawn.


This post will be showing you how to start from scratch with seed. We took away all the old grass/dirt and now we are starting NEW. I will be doing another post sharing how to seed existing grass, but you can follow along below because these tips will help!

Start with GOOD soil. That will make such a difference. Our soil he was so bad and compact and having this new soil will help so much. We ordered it from our local dirt/gravel company here Pacific Topsoil.

Make sure all the old grass is taken out then it’s time for the “fun” to spread ALL the soil! Always best to have help – but if you are like us you will just get it done.

You will want to use a rake and a water roller to flatten your soil. It also compacts it so your yard won’t sink down then you can add more soil as needed.

If you don’t have a water roller we just rent ours from Home Depot HERE.
The rake you can find HERE.

It is time to SEED! We buy ours from JB instant lawn, you can buy from them or in store at Home Depot HERE

* I will have to be completely honest. We started out with a different popular blue seed on our other yard, and spent so much money… then it ended up horrible! We switched to JB instant lawn seed and we had grass instantly. I knew this was the way we were going to go this time and so happy we did!

Here is the amount of seed we put, you can read all about seeding on JB Instant Lawns blog HERE.

Time to seed away!

Now that you have seeded DON’T think you are done and miss the next steps! These steps and tips will help get you the best looking lawn, I mean you have done all the work you want it to be the best!

This step you might not think about, but you don’t want to miss!


JB Instant Lawn has a good source that explains all about it HERE.

Did you know about Peat Moss?? It is a MUST when planting seed or reseeding! This is how to plant grass!

It improves the germination rate of your grass seed and helps with good airflow along with holding the water and nutrients your seed needs.

We love using this peat moss spreader! You can rent this from Home Depot HERE.

Have you ever seen one of these? You can see how it opens and let me show you how it works!

Look at those lines! I will say it normally comes out even better – but someone didn’t cover the soil when we got it and it was really wet!

If you didn’t know how to plant grass from scratch you are now a pro!

Have you ever wondered when you plant grass how long it takes? Here is our time line below!

Isn’t it so amazing!! And yes it got so much darker and fuller as time went on! Now are you ready to see this corner today??

While I wish I was really a lawn care expert, we have learned a lot but always trust the pros! JB Instant Lawn is always there when I have a question and their grass seed is amazing for the PNW!

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