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DIY Platform Deck – TimberTech Part 2

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DIY Platform Deck with our favorite TimberTech, we are still working on all the not so fun but we are getting closer!

Well the weatherman and mother nature threw us quite the wrench in our plans. We wanted to prepare even though everyone was saying it wont snow. We didn’t get our concrete poured in time so we decided to cover it with two insanely large tarps. Fast forward all the snow melts, and the wind and snow kept them in their spot so we should be safe right? Lets see what was next for our DIY Platform Deck.

After all of this melted, this is what we ended up with :

All of our hard work was ruined…
Our holes were all filled with water which ruined all the concrete forms. Over $130 down the drain for our new diy platform deck.

Now we had to buy all new concrete forms along with this Ryobi Pump – which I am not mad about because it will be good if we ever need for emergencies or our pond.

After taking out the old concrete forms, you can see they are just mush. Time to redig and get them all set again.

Lots of concrete was mixed for our DIY Platform Deck. Did I tell you I ordered 70 – 80Lb bags that is 5,600lbs and all the snow was coming and they were outside. So we had to move them in our garage.

TIP – Instead of picking up all your concrete get it delivered best ever worth every penny!

Dig, Concrete, Measure, Level – on repeat! The concrete mixer was the best idea ever ~it saved us so much time.

TIP : If you don’t have all the tools for a project its ok! Rent or borrow them!

Holes all level, concrete all mixed, now we have some rain coming and these need to dry before they get wet.

We covered all the concrete and will wait till the weather clears up!

The concrete is all hardened and ready – this was about a week later. Now we can get moving on our DIY Platform Deck!

We spend quite a bit of time at our local Westside lumber yard, and they know us by name especially in the rental department. Here is the drill we used to drill into the concrete.

Adjustable Base for a 4×4 + Yes Please! This will save so much time.

Beam time! We had the holes drilled, put in the post bases and adjusted them. My favorite part so far is seeing the beams go in – it feels like its coming together.

One row at a time we made sure they were level and adjusted as needed. Then it is time to set them in place.

Now the adhesive! This stuff sets so quickly and is the lowest temp I have – winner in my book!

Before using the adhesive we put all the anchors in. Measured and used a string line to make sure they were what we wanted. Then it was time to adjust the anchors. Adhesive goes in and then time to put the beams in!

We kept repeating each step until all the beams were in place, and we made sure they aren’t going anywhere by using screws in each anchor.

Stay Tuned for Part 3, Don’f forget Part 1, and where we began.

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DIY Platform Deck - TimberTech Part 2 • Dreaming of Homemaking

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