Our Favorite Paint Colors

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Our Favorite Paint Colors, I thought it would be best if I had it all in one place! Check out all the details!

In this blogpost I am so excited to finally share all our favorite tried and true paint colors with you! These colors work well with our dark and dreary days and look just as beautiful on those sunny days!

Our Favorite Paint Colors :

This first room the board and batten is Behr Painters White and the grey is a color you will see in almost every room is Behr Dolphin Fin.

The fireplace is Behr Graphic Charcoal you can see more of this room and the process of it HERE. I will have to say in this room it can look navy or dark grey. This is the only color I would say for sure test out in your space.

In this bathroom we are back to the grey I love Behr Dolphin Fin and Behr Painters White.

I let you know that Behr Dolpfin Fin is in just about every room and here it is in my front room! The white is painters white.

The grey in here on the door and bench is the Behr Dolphin Fin and the white is Behr Painters White.

In our bedroom / office this green is Behr Old Celadon. I found this color by mistake and just adore it. The white is Behr Painters White.

Zoe’s bedroom the white is Behr Painters White while the pink is Behr Positively Pink.

Our deck color is Behr Porch & Patio Floor Paint in Slate Gray. You can see all the details HERE. Green house color – Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage.

The boys room is Behr Painters White and Behr Dolphin Fin for the bunkbed. Can you tell our favorite paint colors?

This was when I did our mudroom in Behr Old Celadon however, I updated it below for you to see.

Mudroom final color – Behr Dolphin Fin and I am in love of course!

I am sure you can guess colors by now, here is the opposite view of our front room. You can see the Behr Dolphin Fin on the shiplap, the painters white for any white.

I had to end with the most popular paint color we get asked about and that is the Behr Old Celadon and painters white. These are our favorite paint colors and to see more in detail check out below.

Our Favorite Paint Colors

Grey – Behr Dolphin Fin
White – Behr Painters White
Green – Behr Old Celadon
Navy/Dark – Behr Graphic Charcoal
Pink – Behr Positively Pink
Grey Deck / Concrete Paint – Behr Slate Gray
Green House Paint – Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage

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  1. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I just got my kitchen cabinets redone by a local cabinet painter in Sherwin William’s Pearl Gray, but now I’ve been trying to find a good color for the walls. So far, Behr Painters White is my top pick- I love how it looks in your home!

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