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This year marks 10 years in our house, and with that comes a lot of changes. I wanted to share this photo of the first time we looked at our home, then let you see the transformation to today. On this post I want you to know, that it doesn’t have to be a huge project to redo a room, but what you can do with the power of paint. I will be showing you how we transformed our front room with paint, using The Home Depot ProjectColor™ app. … I am so excited to share with you the BIG Reveal of this room complete!

In this space, there was a lot of updates. We tore down the wall to make an open space. Then paint and board & Batten, some shiplap and we filled in the sea shell fireplace, and added a mantle. Just changing the paint color made such the difference, light and bright…. but we still had more work to do – cover the popcorn ceiling, repaint the walls, crown molding and work on the fireplace.

We transformed this room one extra time by redoing the fireplace, and covering up the popcorn ceiling with this vinyl plank we found at The Home Depot. Now are you ready to see what the power of paint can do for a room?

First, lets do a little switch-e-roo! I wanted to make this space more of a gathering space, my goal for my home is cozy and we sure accomplished it with this change!

How do I pick a paint color?

I wanted to see what color would work best in this space so I used The Home Depot ProjectColor™ app to see it in my space before I went to get samples! I took the photos and used the app, and honestly it helped me see that the Graphic Charcoal by Behr maybe to dark for the entire room, especially with our dark and rainy Seattle winters. I found a second color I loved, Battleship Gray by Behr so the debate was on!

These silhouettes are a part of my home that will stay in its spot, so I wanted to make sure whatever paint color I choose went well with them.

Here are the colors I loved for this room Behr Graphic Charcoal, Behr Battleship Gray, and Behr Painters White.

Tip : Try your paint sample in different spaces in the room, to see your color in different lights.

I wanted to see if it would be a fun pop of color to paint the fireplace, and I instantly knew that the Behr Graphic Charcoal was it!

TIP : Use a Matte Paint when doing dark colors ( that was a hard lesson for me to go through)

Time to paint, so lets grab the supplies!

  1. Behr Marquee 1 gallon Matte interior Graphic Charcoal

  2. Behr Marquee 1 gallon Painters white

  3. Scotch Blue painters tape

  4. 5 piece roller set Wooster

  5. Handy Paint Pal

  6. Spakling paste

  7. Extra roller covers

  8. Caulk

Now lets get started!

First make sure to prep your area by taping off the space, and using a drop cloth. Shake your can, then pour the paint in your tray or handy paint pal and begin!

Already the difference is just amazing! This is just one coat of the Behr Graphic Charocal using the Wooster Paint Brush, the coverage is so great, you can see here its still wet but just wait for it to see the final reveal!

Now here is the look that changed all my plans. My idea was to paint the light gray the Graphic Charcoal, but I realized this fireplace was enough of a statement in itself, and if I did the whole room, it would be to much.

I fell in love with how these grays go together, but I wanted my light gray to have less blue… now we are back to the ProjectColor™ app and I used it to get me a color similar but not with blue tones… the winning color is Behr Dolphin Fin.

Its time to paint, the final color is on the left and wow they nailed it taking out the blue.

Here is the Behr Painters White, we decided to touch up all the white in this room and TIP – if you want your house clean… paint it!

Now that the painting is complete, it was time to do some finishing touches! We ran over to The Home Depot and got all the supplies for crown molding and I cant wait! It is looking so perfect with our vinyl plank ceilings.

It is so amazing to me the power of paint, look at it with the crown molding – incredible right?

It was fun learning how to do the crown molding, I feel like we are pros!

FINAL REVEAL!! It is time to share with you this space, all thanks to The Home Depot!

If you have followed along for awhile, you know I stay pretty neutral… while this color is bold for me I LOVE it! It changes the shades as the light moves through the day.

This photo shows what I wanted to create for the room – COZY. This room has been in the works for the last month and we have gotten so much use out of it…. our family just congregates here.

I love having our dining table here, many years ago we had it here but when the wall came down it moved. There is plenty of room on both sides to move around.

Here is a view of our front door that I don’t show often, but now I will be to!

Isn’t it just so different from before?

I just adore this color Dolphin Fin by Behr that I found at The Home Depot, you can see this shiplap is painted a light color and that is it!

Do you see the color of the fireplace, this color changes in the light and I really that about it.

It was so fun being able to share my tips and tricks with you! I hope you enjoyed seeing The Home Depot ProjectColor™ App , and if you had any more questions just let me know in the comments below.

If you need us, this is normally where we are snuggling with Daisy and Rosie <3


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I have placed all the links below, you can click on each item.

Gallon Painters White BEHR

Gallon Graphic Charcoal

Gallon Dolphin Fin

Wooster sash brush

5 piece roller set Wooster


Spakling paste

Extra roller covers

Scotch blue painters tape

Handy Paint Pal

Handy Paint Pal Liners

Drop Cloth

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! This is so amazing!! I love it all. Cozy yet so charming!! You and your husband rock!

  2. I love this! You have made use of small space so well. I really like the dining table to the side, so you get a living room out of the house. I’m sure that room is used 1,000x more. Can we talk about James not needing a ladder to install the crown molding?!?!? I love it.
    Great job on utilizing all that your beautiful home has to offer. You are an inspiration to us small home people. In fact, my dad just picked up the call I placed, begging him to help me do board and batten on a wall that always needed something. I just couldn’t pin point it. Hopefully this long weekend I can know out some of this, thanks to your inspiration.

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