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Linzer Nutella Heart Pancake

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Linzer Nutella Heart Pancake have you ever seen such a thing? Let me show you how to make them – so easy and yummy too!

Growing up I always loved Linzer cookies, and I thought I would make them with nutella and with Krusteaz pancakes for a little twist!

What you need for Linzer Nutella Pancakes: Krusteaz Pancake Mix

Powdered Sugar
Large Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
Small Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

Griddle HERE or HERE
Pancake Batter Dispenser
Sifter ( but can use hands)

Let’s make Linzer Krusteaz pancakes! Mix according to the box depending on how many you want to make.

We LOVE to add butter to our griddle! Take a cookie cutter (make sure its metal) put your batter in it! We always like to use a batter dispenser it makes it easy!

Take off your cookie cutter, and the flip your pancake and let it cook!

Use your smaller cookie cutter and cut a hole in one of your heart pancakes. While on the other pancake cover it in nutella.

Next, grab your sifter and powdered sugar cover your heart cut out pancake. You can also do this while on top of the nutella – whatever is prefrence!

Here is your Linzer Heart Pancake complete! Now my kids like to eat this not hot… you can always warm it up in the oven but just make sure the nutella doesnt melt to much … and even if it does then it will be gooey deliciousness!

Here is the fun charcuterie we made along with it and our pink milk! Check it all out here –

I hope this inspired you to try something new, and some other ideas for Valentine’s Day or any day!

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