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Bathroom Organization – Small Space Living

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Bathroom Organization – Small space living at it’s finest! Living in a small house we make the most out of every inch! Let me show you how!

This bathroom has come along way, it’s actually getting a little refresh as we speak! We have loved this vanity but we realized we went a little too big!

Bathroom Organization – Small Space Living

Now that we looked at all the pretty photos, let me show you a little more into how we actually organize this space!

With having a small bathroom and little storage these baskets have been great for towels, toilet paper and room sprays! You can find the baskets HERE.


This question I get asked ALL the time and we found this in the wall toilet paper holder and it’s been amazing! You can find it HERE.

Here is a peek into our drawers! This is where we store it ALL! Let me show you a little more of the details. Remember this isn’t the “pretty” just the real life everyday! Now for the bathroom organization!

This is the kids and James drawer. I love using bins to keep everything organized, then add some jars for all the small items.

Here is my drawer with all the things – it’s a LOT but using the bins and jars makes everything so neat and tidy!

Bathroom Organization – Small Space Living Essentials

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