Small Kitchen Appliance Storage

Where do you store all your small kitchen appliances? Living in a small space we are always trying to be creative. Let me show you our space!

This space has evolved through the years, and we are so happy with how it turned out! You can see in the before below, that it was a good space. With everything that has happened we have been in the kitchen so much more and our appliances have grown! The only problem with more small appliances is our space hasn’t grown, so we had to be creative!

Here is the BEFORE of both spaces, and they worked great. With the new appliances that wouldn’t fit here I thought why not switch these spots and utilize it to the max!

Now that we have both spaces empty its time to get it done! Let me show you how our small appliances multiplied!

Time to organize and get them all put up!

My first problem I had to overcome, was where to put all my Kitchen Aid attachments? I had been keeping them in the boxes and it took up to much space. I called my friend and she said she keeps hers in a drawer! Thank goodness we had an extra drawer so we added it in, and it is perfect!

When measuring where the drawer and shelves were going to go, we first put in our kitchen aid to measure the height. Now its time to fill it all up!

It all fits!! Now I don’t have to have all these appliances on the floor of my kitchen and on my counters! WOHOO!!! Ready to see how the baking cupboard turned out??

I love it so much! We were able to use every inch, and its so perfect for our space!

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to utilize every inch of your home!

Here are some more ideas :




  1. Trudy Timber says:

    Omg so helpful …. I moved to a tiny apt after leaving a 3800 sq foot house. I am forever trying to get the space usage right!

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