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Playroom -Schleich Horse & American Girl

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Playroom filled with Schleich Horses and American Girl Dolls! Check out the before and after on how we transformed this room!

While this isn’t the most glamorous room we worked with what we have and gave it a transformation that is perfect for a kids playroom! This room is filled with Schleich Horses and American Girl dolls and ready for hours of play!

Here is where the room started now lets turn it into a playroom!

First thing was taking out the carpet, naturally our easy project turned into more work when we found mold! So that we had to clean it all up and fix the problem!

It was time to paint and here you can see a progress photo of the painting. We did the color we have through our house – Crockery White.

After the painting was all done it was time to add in flooring! We went with the flooring we have through out the house – Procore Elizabeth Oak. What a difference adding this flooring made!

Now Zoe really wanted a space to play so we grabbed some shelving at Home Depot along with some brackets and now its time to make this space more functional!

After we added the lower shelf it was time to add all the little shelves for her Schleich horses to be on display!

We grabbed a bunch of brackets and this no painting required boards and got to work! What an easy project that makes such a difference!

Here you can see how we took this space that wasn’t really working to something functional and pretty too!

I love being able to see Zoe’s whole collection of her Schleich horses and it makes it fun for endless play!

We added these stools and its been so nice for when she has friends over they can just sit and play in the playroom.

Here is the whole set up!

We also added a shelf for more fun!

This is the American girl side of the playroom, her dollhouse is all set up and our goal this year is to finally make it over! The shelf next to it holds her endless collection of all the accessories and it matches the rest of our spaces.

I hope you liked seeing this transformation and it gives you some inspiration to turn even a room thats not really meant for a playroom into one! Also if you want to see this room at Christmas don’t miss this post!

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