Schleich Horses Magical Christmas Wonderland

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Magical Christmas Wonderland with a Schleich Horse tree and room makeover – making this girls dreams come true!

Before we insert the magical Christmas Wonderland with all the amazing Schleich horses… here is where we started and we were hoping to get it done before Christmas and we sure did!

We might have some other rooms to redo so stay tuned for that! Let me show you a little in what we created and of course more details coming soon!

This room makeover was long overdue.. and something thats been on our to do list but kept getting pushed to last so this is a Christmas miracle we got it done in time and the best part she got to decorate!

Zoe made this Schleich ornament out of clay, she is so creative and it was the perfect touch to her tree full of horses.

For the Schleich horses, we took a drop of hot glue and put it on the backs of the horses. ( We have done for years and never any issue- it peels right off when done) Next you will put your ribbon, string on the horses back and viola ornaments using what you already have!

The Schleich advent is what got Zoe initially started on the Schleich horses, and its still just as special now.

Naturally to make this magical Christmas wonderland with the Schleich horses, we first redid the room and added lots of lights, sparkle stars, trees!

We set up this space and had our intentions to have a spot designated for all her play areas and here it is, with lots of fake snow naturally.

Here is the full view! What do you think?? The other half is doll stuff so we will share that another day!

One happy girl who deserves it all! What is your favorite part?



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