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Front Door Design The Best Door and Why

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Front Door Design The Best Door and Why! Let me share all about our new front door and why we chose this Plastpro Door.

Here it is, our new front door from Plastpro! Honestly my dreams come true and just what I hoped for! Now let me tell you about this door and why we not only wanted a new one, but NEEDED. Along with all the details and where to get!

Let’s step back in time and see where we started!

First we painted our house right after we moved in, then we did a bit of landscaping. We knew what door we wanted after lots of research.

Here is a peek at what was inside, but what you don’t see is that the frame of the door was rotting, along with it letting in water inside and ruining the floors and trim/molding.

We knew we wanted a door that would withstand our windy, rainy, and snowy weather so we wont have to redo our new floors or have to get a new door. It was time to get a door that would last forever and Plastpro has Fiberglass doors that still have the same look as a wood door but made to last!

If you are reading this post, you are probably trying to figure out the best door for you. Some questions you might ask yourself first is, why do you need a front door? Is the door you are replacing outdated, not functioning wether rotted or letting elements in? Now knowing what you are looking for in a door, choosing the best one comes a little easier. Yes, Plastpro is my go to so make sure to check out theirs!

How to pick a front door :

  1. Decide on what style you are going for.
  2. Are you going to paint it or stain it?
  3. How you will install it? (Can you DIY or need to hire out.)
  4. Do you need new hardware?

We decided to keep the same design of door even though we could have done a double door. While the fiberglass doors are amazing we knew with the 70mph+ winds we get in this space this was the right choice. I found this design on Plastpro and fell in love. I would have never guessed you could stain fiberglass but you can and its amazing! We didn’t DIY this we hired a contractor and so glad we did! We needed new hardware and it just made the door pop even more!

I can’t believe how much this door changed our space. This door does have the option for an SDL kit, but we really loved it without since we have so many on our windows.

Look how amazing this view is out our front door looking out! I will say the cats even love it so much they try to go out!

I knew I wanted a wood stained door, but we were so used to our dark door so I was nervous but this was the right decision and goes so well with the house.

*Plastpro has stain kits available, we used the Minwax Aged Oak.

I hope when looking at front doors you will check out Plastpro and find a dealer near you.

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