Game Night Birthday – Board Game Party

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Game night Birthday Party, and I am not talking about video games lets bring back board games and all the fun!

Coming up with a theme for our boys birthdays that wasn’t related to video games can sometimes be hard, but we LOVE board games and have endless amounts so thought why not go with that theme! I found a cute invite, let me show you below!

Once I found the invite I planned it all out in my head, ordered all the things ( Links at the end) and here we have what the game night birthday party turned out to be :

The blow up dice make for the perfect set up, and the kids are so excited to play some games with them I think I need a few more!

I found all these game cups and plates and it literally all went with the theme!

I love doing fun sodas for every occasion and we did all the colors! The cupcake toppers were just the perfect touch with tying the desserts in, I did think about putting them on the pizza to but reined it back.

Party Bags are always fun and these little tags were so perfect, we had them so they can fill them up with all the goodies from the saran wrap ball game. ( All the details for the game you can find on this post )

All the goodies for the saran wrap game, we went with game items, all their favorite things and of course candy!

Now just a few more photos from the party, and yes we have a round two! Three boys birthdays before Christmas and they love games so two we are doing the same!

The Giant sorry pieces are actually from the board game and make the perfect prop!

I hope you enjoyed getting some ideas from our Game Night Birthday Party that was filled with board games!


Printable Decor
Party Bag Printable
White Bags
Large Dice
Small Dice
Uno Birthday Banner
Large Sorry Game
Twister Cup
Twister Plates
Multi Color Dice
Giant Uno
Candy Land Cups
Monopoly Cups
Game Night Balloon

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