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DIY Deck – TimberTech Part 1

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DIY Deck – I wanted to share all the details of our TimberTech Deck build and here we are with Part 1! Sharing the good, bad, and everything in between.

DIY Deck Build Material List Part 1:

  1. Tractor is handy
  2. Auger
  3. Shovel / Post hole digger
  4. Long Nails
  5. String Line
  6. Sonotubes aka Concrete Forms
  7. Measuring Tape

Time to start this DIY Deck Build

This DIY deck build is going to be amazing and I am so excited to see this garden transform even more! I will say this is James project he dreamed of and designed… I planned for more garden beds but excited to see his vision come to life! You can see what TimberTech we are using and the design on this post.

First step in the diy deck build is moving all the pea gravel so we can have a flat surface. The tractor has been the best purchase we ever made on the property because we use it multiple times a week.

After moving all the gravel, just imagine it was that quick…. the fun part measuring out everything. Since our deck is so big, a longer tape measure was in order.

Before digging all the holes for the concrete forms aka sonotubes we needed to have it all mapped out so we did that with long nails and string line for the diy deck.

If it wasn’t so many holes we would have used our Ryobi Auger for all of it. We rented this Auger from IA Rents that went on the back of the tractor and it helped even though we have the rockiest soil.

We kept digging and digging, they needed to be below the frost line for your area most 2ft + so some were a challenge.

A post hole digger and shovel came in handy after we went through with the auger.

These are the concrete forms we used, and James cut these in half – just remember each state and really city is so different on building codes.

Each of the sonotubes need to be placed in the holes to see how much more was needed to dig.

My favorite view is from above and it is going to be a great transformation!

This part was a lot of leveling, making sure the holes were deep enough and in straight lines. Once we completed all the holes we planned on doing the concrete but ran out of time. A chance of snow in the forecast so we covered it all with tarps and tables. Then this happened :

It snowed, and then snowed some more so our January time line switched quickly on us.
Stay tuned for Part 2 – and no it will not go as planned.

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DIY Deck - TimberTech Part 1

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