DIY Nesting Box – Extra Large

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DIY Nesting Box – Go big or go home right? When we made this I was just trying to make enough boxes for the chickens we had. Fast Forward little did I know how many chickens we would have so I am glad we made this big!

Now that you see the completed, let me show you how we made it along with what it looks like today!

DIY Nesting Box Supplies

1/2″ plywood – 4 sheets for this size
2x4x8 – 4
1/2 inch Quarter Round
Saw Horses
T Square
Brad Nailer

First step, is really deciding what size nesting box is best for your chickens and your space. Just remember however big you make it they will want to all use the same box. But really I would build the biggest you can because chicken math is real!

* For most nesting boxes you want them raised off the ground, we have a chicken that only has one leg so we made ours low so she can go in.

Now is your time to measure twice and cut once. We decided on what we wanted our DIY Nesting boxes to look like and the height and started cutting. It was the same shape and size 8 times.

After the pieces were cut, it was time to nail them in! You can use glue too but we knew it would be sturdy enough with how many brad nails we use.

Make sure everything is square then you are set to go!

We marked all the lines, and then nailed them all in!

Once we got all the main boards on it was time to put the top on. We did it slanted so the chickens wouldn’t sit on it and poop.

We added quarter round for each box so the wood and nesting pads can sit on. The wood bottoms are now removable so it makes it easy to clean. Next we just cut the wood for each one and set it inside.

Here we are! Now we put the fronts on, and a little perch for them!

Here it is today, we will be updating the coop this summer but we have switched to using nesting pads and hemp in our coop – what a game changer!

Just remember no matter how big or small your nesting box is – they will leave so many boxes open and all choose the same one! Happy Building! For more chicken goodness check out below!


Nesting Pads
Hemp for coop
Nesting Boxes

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