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Halloween Front Porch + Easy DIY Wreath

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, can I say that when I love them all? I am sounding like my kids, opps! Well, we sure love it and to see the faces when people come up to my front porch is the best! Can I let you in on a secret? For as long as I can remember I have been getting my Halloween decor at JOANN and this year is no different! Honestly, it gets better every year but they always have some of my favorites including our skeleton Henry, and skeleton pups Daisy and Rosie keep following to the end to see if you can find them plus an easy DIY wreath!

I love this spooky hollow bed & breakfast sign, there honestly were so many to choose from but this one I knew would be perfect! This really sets the tone for the rest of the space!

JOANN has the best spider webs! Look how huge this one is, and guess what I was looking online and this one is even bigger! Just add some large spiders and everyone will love it!

These lanterns I have had for awhile from JOANN, they hold up so well! My little owl loves to watch people as they come up to the front door.

Ok, I had to get another sign! This one was to fun and I put it next to my drive! Which way do you choose to go? This sign is metal and is perfect for our rainy fall weather!

I have said before, my go to for doormats is JOANN no matter what time of year it is they have the best selection and you can’t beat the price!

Henry our skeleton comes back every year, he loves to greet the guests that come to our home and is counting down till Halloween!

We found this huge caldron and I can’t wait to fill it up! So far we got lots of fun toys, stickers, and bubbles.. because I know if I get candy now it will be gone – by me!

The spiders took over our milk box! These are fun they have little suction cups and are perfect for any surface including windows! I also found all the other accessories like the Help type writer, flying bat tequila, and skullhead syrup at JOANN too!

I put Halloween up a bit early this year, but loved it so much I had to keep it up! We added some creepy music as people walk up it really makes it fun!

Here is the full view! I hope you have enjoyed seeing it as much as I liked to put it together! All of the sources are listed at the bottom so make sure to check those out! Now its time to show you the easiest DIY and you can see the video on the JOANN APP.

Ok, I love a quick and easy project and I think this is the easiest one ever! All you need is some garland and wire! I found this black twine garland at JOANN, and I quickly held it up and was like this is a perfect wreath – so that is what I turned it into! You can see the details on the JOANN APP and check out the photo below to see it complete!

Here is the easy DIY wreath I made all finished up! Isn’t it just perfect for this space! If you make one to make sure to show me, it would also be fun to put this garland on a wreath filled with greenery.

Henry our skeleton moved into a new spot, he really wants to say hi to everyone that comes ( or we want to make sure no one steals him) I hope you enjoyed seeing how we changed our porch to Halloween. I just loved being able to be creative using my favorite finds at JOANN Let me know what your favorite item was I found! If there was something you were searching for I put all the links below for you. Thanks again for following along!

Sources :

I have placed all the links below, you can click on each item.

Dog with bone Skeleton
Large Spider Web
Large Spider
Small Spiders
Enter if you Dare Doormat
Spooky Hallow Sign
Help Type writer
Flying Bat Bottle
Skullhead Syrup
Witch Way Sign
Large Halloween cauldron
Twig Garland

A special thanks to JOANN for sponsoring this post, I love being able to be able to shop and be creative with my favorite craft store!

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