Onto NEW Adventures – ROAD TRIP

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Onto NEW Adventures – ROAD TRIP! We are literally living our DREAM… Let me share all about it and what we needed to do to prepare!

I have to say, planning for a month and a half – two month road trip, while moving and packing for camping is A LOT! We wanted/needed to pack as light as we could while bringing enough clothes and supplies! We are working along the way so both needed to bring our work stuff too! That included two BIG Monitors and a computer tower.

Now for the BIG questions I keep getting…

Did you get a camper/RV? How are you traveling for your road trip?
We did NOT get a new camper or RV, we are traveling by car.

Now why we decided this, it was MANY reasons. #1 Money, we didn’t want to add another expense while buying a house. #2 Our car while it CAN pull a big trailer, it isn’t always the best/safest. #3 Time, if you are pulling a camper/trailer it takes longer with having to dry slower. #4 Back to Money again – Pulling a trailer – more gas $ #5 We want a specific camper for our future and didn’t want to settle.

We planned to stay with family/friend and hotels.. so as much as we wanted a camper for this part it just didn’t make sense. But we will be in one later – just keep following along!

How can you go on the road with work?

I work from home normally, and James is able to work remote – so we just had to bring all our stuff with us and adjust! Just takes some planning!

Kids and School?

The kids have been doing homeschool all year, we opted out of remote – so this was seriously the perfect time for us to do this! Next year they will be back in school.

Are we traveling with our dogs for our road trip?

We decided it would be best to leave them with one of my best friends! She and her two kids LOVE them as much as we do… and they are living their best life! Mrs Rosie is crabby and doesn’t love new things, Daisy is deaf and gets confused… so we knew they would be happiest and enjoy not being cramped up along the way.

Traveling in a car across the US – what tips to prep?

Before we left for our road trip we made sure our car was all prepped! We took our car to the shop, made sure there was nothing that needed done. Oil change, New Battery, and made sure tires were good!

What car do we have?
Our car is a Chevy Suburban and so roomy! Honestly, James truck would have done amazing but we went for the room!

One thing we made sure to do is get AAA, we have never had it before but made sure to for this trip just INCASE! If you have an RV – make sure to check in an upgraded membership.

Planning the road trip :

Where to go, timing… travel time… it takes a LOT of work when it gets down to it. Don’t forget the time zones too! For our trip, we had to make sure we got to a place where James can work from and stay in put for the work week. If we needed to travel it would need to be at night.

For the first part of our road trip, we need to get through quick while seeing all we could. Yes we would love to space it out… but we had to do what worked for us.


We are ready for the adventure! I hope you follow along! Now to see the car packing progress..

Now to add in the computers, and food! Yes we even brought bunk beds with us!!I will show updated real life photos and videos on IG stories!!

If you need to shop for some travel items for your road trip, here are some things we picked up too :


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  1. This is an incredible adventure for your family. I dont know how you travel through the night but t hats great if that’s what works. Can’t wait to see what is next.

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