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Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt

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Mother’s Day Scavenger hunt – a day to remember! I hope you can use this fun hunt for many other special days – Father’s Day is coming soon!

Now, I don’t know how I will top this years Mother’s Day. James out did himself – and with my idea that I normally do for the kids. I hope you read this all the way through and do this for your significant other or kids, because it is that good and will bring memories to last a lifetime!


Ok, before we begin I have to tell you that this first clue James was a bit disappointed in my reaction. I am sure you can’t tell from my videos – but he is quite hilarious and always “tries” to be funny. Normally I am cracking up… but this time I was more confused.

Clue #1

To help you find the first gift, think of “your” dad’s favorite thing about you. You would use this outside to relax on something white and soft.

{Well , James meant him and I was so confused when it said my dad haha – even though I would have guessed right away what his favorite thing is if it said it right haha }


Clue #2

Ice cream yiou scream we all scream for ice cream. Your gift is not ice cream, but you might find this gift where the ice cream may be.


Clue #3

Whether you go swimming or take a shower, you will need one of these. Think of what this is and you will find the next gift.

{ Towel Closet }

Clue #4

Batters up, if you like baseball you will need one of these to play the game. Find this and you will get your next clue.

{ In the kids baseball bat / sports holder }

Clue #5

So soft and fluffy, No we are not talking about dads stomach. We are talking about your favorite article of clothing. Go here to find this and your next clue.

{ My sock drawer in my closet }

Clue #6

Running low on energy, need a charge? The boys have lots of these. Go here and you will find your next clue.

{ The kids charging station }

Clue #7

Ooh so pretty, yes you are. Even though dad this that you can’t improve on what nature gave you – go to the biggest mirror in the house and check your self and you might find something you like.

{ Zoe’s room ballet mirror }

Clue #8

It’s 3:00 am, the kids are asleep and your ready to work. Go to your “spot” and you will find something to enjoy at your leisure.

{ Under our front room sofa }

Clue #9

So Dad has about 2 things he obsesses over. One is you, and the other is this. Look in the back of this and you will find your next clue.

{ Back of his truck }

Clue #10 – Last one!

Hopefully this isn’t a very tough clue, but think of your most cherished things in the world. They will be holding your last gifts.

{ In the kids hands }

Aren’t these Mothers Day printables so cute from Home Depot and they even used my printables from HERE.

Here is the full list here. I love how James typed these all out, he is quite the opposite of me if I did it would be hand written – so do whats best for you.

Isn’t this so fun! If you want to see the video check it out HERE :


To shop these items tap on each photo :

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  1. What a treasure you are Sarah! So blessed indeed!❤️Debbie. It was enjoyable to watch your video

  2. That was “AMAZING BEAUTIFUL TEAR JERKONG INCREDIBLE WONDERFUL INSPIRING AND EVERY OTHER emotional word out there !!!! Kudos to your husband and kids for something so memorable! 😍

    1. Thank you it really was so incredible! Memorable for sure! I hope this will inspire others as well, now I need to step up my game!

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