Lilac Hedge – Spring Dining

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A lilac hedge makes the perfect spot for spring dining. Next imagine some string lights, music, and an amazing dinner – yes please! Let me show you more of this space.

I can’t wait to open up our home and be able to invite you! For now you can enjoy the photos and imagine what the lilacs smell like as we get things done on our to do list.

This table that we got this extendable table here, I love the chairs and that we can have it be for six of us, or eight! Keep watching to see how it changes!

Have you ever wanted comfy chairs while you are dining? You have it in these – perfect for spring dining!

Here you can see this space at both angels, now let’s add some lilacs from the hedge to the table too.

I have loved these little milk bottles over the years, did you know they are just Starbucks glass bottles without the labels on them? I got them off buy nothing when my kids were little and its fun to use them in different ways, and lilacs it is today!

I love the detail of this table. The middle part flips right in so no annoying storage!

Here is a view from above!

Now that you have seen the table extended, let’s see it smaller!

Doesn’t it look so cute you can have it for 2, 4, or 6 this way!

What is your favorite color of lilac? Now are you wanting to plant a lilac hedge? Guess what I have 15 more I can’t wait to plant so stay tuned for next year!

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Lilac Hedge Spring Dining - Dreaming of Homemaking

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