Hot Cocoa Party – Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

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Ready to host a Hot Cocoa Party or just want to have a fun set up with a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board! Here are all the details below, now who are you going to invite?

Here is where we started with the hot cocoa bar, we had a few essentials and grabbed everything else at World Market! Sharing everything we used at the bottom of this post!

I love charcuterie boards for any occasion, but the boys were excited for this to celebrate their birthdays! Let me show you all the details.

This is the completed look, it’s funny I had a different idea in mind and it just wasn’t working. Here we are and it was better than I imagined.

I did three little sections on the table, the sleigh is actually a charcuterie board but I thought it was so perfect for the birthday cake.

This Foyer table has been so loved for many years and is a staple! It may move around spaces but is a must for any household!

Typically we do hanging stars but these snowflakes went with the theme and are just so beautiful!

I thought this little insulated hot cocoa holder, chocolate bombs, and marshmallows needed their own highlight! The mugs are just as cute and so well made, they had so many to choose from!

I can’t get enough of this hot chocolate charcuterie board, it truly is perfect for a hot cocoa party!

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing more of this space and all the details! I love a good set up, and even more when its around friends and family.

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Sleigh Charcuterie Board
Insulated Hot Cocoa Dispenser
Snowflake Mugs
Gingerbread House Mugs
Red and White Deer – Cracker
Foyer Table
Metal Tree Skirt
Table Runner
Hot Cocoa Set
3D Hanging Snowflake
Snowflake Hot Cocoa Topper – Large
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Lindt Santa and Reindeer
Lindt Truffle
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Peppermint Squares
Mini Marshmallow Snowflakes
Green Christmas Tree Pretzel
Tree and Star Chocolate
Peppermint Stirrer
Peppermint Marshmallow stick
Chocolate Sauce
Gingerbread Star Cookie
Christmas Tree Chocolae

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