Elf on the Shelf – North Pole Breakfast

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Elf on the shelf – North Pole Breakfast is one of the kids favorite traditions! Check out this post for inspo and to look through the years!


Our elf arrival is a bit different than others, ours comes in the evening of the 1st of December. Since the kids were little it was always important to celebrate as a family and thats what worked best for us and naturally we make sort of a big deal!

As soon as James is off work, I leave a tote out with the elves and all their things. We leave the house to go see Christmas lights and come back to a fun surprise! I think they always like the note they are left the most!

Look at the magic in their eyes – it makes it all worth it!

Let’s Look at years past Elf on the Shelf :



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Elf on the Shelf - North Pole Breakfast • Dreaming of Homemaking

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