Christmas Baking and Our Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe!

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Baking Christmas cookies brings back so many memories of my childhood, and it has been so nice to be able to continue the tradition with our kids! While the recipe may not be the same ( those were a little crunchy for me) I will be sharing the one we use! I am excited to share with you not only our favorite cookie recipe but all the things we love in the kitchen, plus a few tips I learned along the way! ( If you have been following me you know I am very new to baking/cooking – so come learn along with me!) 

First off we got all of our baking supplies ready, our Kitchen Aid mixer from The Mine, our favorite Dessert Book, and before I get asked the canisters can be found HERE from The Mine.

For the cookie recipe we followed Jenny Cookies recipe for her famous Sugar Cookies HERE. This has been my favorite that I have found!  Zoe loves being able to sit in these chairs from The Mine while she bakes, I always get so may questions about them so you can click on the link HERE.

We thought it would be fun to show a little video while we made cookies, it was Zoe’s request!

This was Zoe’s first time using a kitchen aid, she really had so much fun – I think it was her favorite part! 

Once the dough was finished, we rolled into a ball, then we flattened it to go into the fridge! You can set in for 10 minutes, or up to 7 days! 

Now time to start cutting out the cookies, we cleaned our space and then started to put flour down! Rosie wanted to join in on the fun! 

Time to roll it all out, and this is by far my favorite rolling pin that you can find HERE or a similar one from The Mine HERE!

I love this copper angel cookie cutter I found at The Found Cottage to match my canisters from The Mine! 

Now its time to Bake these cookies, and we will be using the made from scratch frosting from Jenny Cookies you can find the recipe HERE!

Time for the cookie decorating with this crazy bunch! ( The boys were so happy to be able to decorate and even happier when we informed them they get their own cookies to eat)  Here is a fun video of the decorating including my husband joining in on the fun!

We hope you enjoyed this little video of our family, here are a few more photos of our cookie decorating! 

Everyone had such a fun time, there may have been dancing and singing not pictured… cookies were passed out to the neighbors one of the kids favorites to do!  ( Don’t worry they were the ones made by the adults) 

Thanks for joining us! More to come soon! Let us know what your favorite cookie recipe is!

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