Commercial – Behind the Scenes

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Commercial – Behind the scenes and what we thought about not only renting our house but having our entire family film in it!

It was a cold and rainy day, but that normally happens in April! Really, the overcast was great for what they needed and there was a lot of water being used anyways! I kind of laugh seeing this image and how close they were knowing all the prep that went into getting our house ready for the commercial. But at least we were ahead of the game for spring!

A makeup artist came, Amy and she was amazing! I honestly felt so special sitting in the chair and it was such a cool experience and really needed after the no sleep for a week haha!

I thought it would be neat to share what all goes into the set up, it was so awesome to see it through videos and photos since I didn’t get to come out till the end, James got all the behind the scenes!

The cameras they use are unreal!

It was quite the site when the neighbors drove by, yes I got lots of messages!

Here they are checking all the angles, then it was time for the filming to begin!

We first filmed this commercial with me hugging Chancy a “friend” who stopped by, I can’t even tell you how many hugs we gave each other but by the end we were friends!

The kids all got to do this shot running in from the school bus, and running out to it. I did learn I can’t wave – but at the end realized why because it was with my left hand – try it haha it is awkward!

After we got done filming outside then it was time to do some kitchen shots for another commercial! We didn’t know what would make the cuts – and this sadly didn’t but it looked really good on camera! It’s amazing how focused it is and the lighting and different objects they use. It made my kitchen look amazing! So neat to see all that goes behind just getting the perfect shot, how many different takes, angles, and how much time, then it might never make it.

They headed back outside to do a bunch of videos of our amazing Plastpro door to show how it holds up to all the elements! Really James could have done a whole commercial on the door himself with how much he loves it and his testimony about it!

I didn’t take all the photos of them up on the ladder, but the videos they got were so cool of the “rain” aka hose on the door in the videos below! Like I said their cameras are amazing!

Zoe is amazing, we told her that we were filming on her birthday and she was so excited… It was such a special day and she even got her makeup done! But the most amazing part…

You can see a sneak of Zoe on the camera, she did her own part of one of the commercials. Honestly I was so excited for her, but then I panicked halfway through thinking how she is with people all around and really not having us near! You can see the producers here and it was a room full… you would never believe this is the same Zoe I was so proud of her! She might have drank 20+glasses of water haha but you wouldn’t even know well until…

Everyone surprised her with a birthday cake, and we got crumble cookies – she was like mom I can’t even have a bite I drank too much water!

At the end of the day they filmed us going up our drive as a family, and here was the photo after. It was truly a day we will each never forget. It was honestly sad saying bye to each person they felt like family and hopefully we will see each other again! The producers were incredible, really the sweetest ever… along with the director, all the camera men and crew. My only regret for the day is not getting a photo with everyone but we have lots of videos and memories to last a lifetime!

I know I know, now can we see the commercials? And who was it for? Plastpro and JM Eagle. Some of you already saw them on TV! But for everyone else check these out :

Here is the first one with my “friend” for Plastpro:

The next one is with me waving at the “bus driver” and me learning I don’t know how to wave left handed. All the kids got to be filmed for it, but I figured just Ollie and Zoe would make it since Emerson and Koen look like they should be driving.

Zoe filmed this video for JM Eagle drinking water in our laundry room – which they made look like an apartment kitchen.

This one you can see Zoe’s arm in it :

Then this for JM Eagle one has Chancy drinking water in our laundry room aka apartment kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed seeing more behind the scenes of the commercial now check out this reel!

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Commercial - Behind the Scenes

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