Over 35 + Indoor Kid Activities for Kids to do at Home

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We all have a lot of time at home these days, and I wanted to share some activities that I am doing with my kids that are easy and fun! I will be sharing ones that you can purchase too and have delivered in case you don’t have a lot on hand. Are you ready for some indoor activities for your kids to do at home?

Watercolor Salt Art
This first one is super easy! We will be doing salt art and hopefully you have all the supplies! Zoe can spend all day doing this!

These are the supplies that you need :

  1. Paper ( cardstock preferred – colored is fun)

  2. Salt

  3. Elmers Glue – or glue sticks work too!

  4. Watercolor

  5. Paint Brush

  6. Water

Want to see how fun it is? Watch the video below!

More indoor activities we have been enjoying are :

  1. Baking ( we have been baking it all! I will share some recipes soon!)

  2. Gardening ( this you can start inside!)

  3. Fairy Garden ( add some seeds and watch it grow)

  4. Make a Fort ( the options are endless)

  5. Ninja warrior course ( this is a fun one be creative)

  6. Make some Card Board houses ( this my kids can do all day)

  7. Write a letter to a family member

  8. Have an indoor campout (add some stars or lights to the ceiling)

  9. Do a puppet show ( if you have stuffed animals or make some out of paper)

  10. Make slime ( add some beads or glitter for fun)

  11. Drawing time ( turn on some great youtube videos that teach you as you draw)

  12. Family Game night

  13. Scavenger Hunt

  14. Movie Theatre ( watch some movies, pop some popcorn + some candy)

  15. Craft time – the options are endless

  16. Do a puzzle

  17. Bowl indoors

  18. Pancake art battle

Well these last two maybe more for you :

19. Sock matching Game ( this is fun for them and a win for you)

20. The Clean up Game ( this is my favorite haha! give yourself a pat on the back when done)

I hope you liked the ideas, now I am going to share some of the craft ideas we have here that we will be doing and maybe you want to do them along with us! You can order these all online and shipped right to your door.

To shop these items just click on each photo <3 Thank you for shopping and supporting my page

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