Kids Toy Gift Guide : Top 25 Educational Toys and Games

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If you have followed along for awhile, you know one of our favorite things to do is play with games, toys, and crafts! I asked my kids what some of their favorites are and I made a Kids Toy Gift Guide with the top 25 educational toys and games in it! You will see it filled with Fat Brain Toys, and that is because the quality is incredible and everything is so thought out. I will be sharing ones we love and some we can’t wait to try!

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Zoe loves to always keep busy, I wonder where she gets that from? These Jixelz are something she loves to do! They are micro jigsaw pieces that stay put, they don’t need ironed or glued. In this photo you can see a pattern she is following but, she can make anything else too its so fun to see what they create!

I wanted to share some of the games the kids love, and one of them is Ribbon Ninja by Fat Brain ToyCo. This one is so great for all my kids ages 5-9, I always love it when the older ones get excited and this one does it! Its so fun watching them try to be the first to take their opponents’ ribbons, before theirs get snatched!

I have to say, you need to watch for this game Pencil Nose to come back in stock and I feel bad sharing it when its not …. but this has to be my personal favorite! I can’t even describe how amazing it is… every family needs it no matter the ages!

Some kids are hard to shop for, or you want them to have experiences and not more “stuff”. These Fat Brain Toys Monthly Subscription Boxes are such a great idea! I know we asked the grandparents for these, and they are always a favorite for my kids! You have the option to choose a certain box, or do a monthly plan!

If you were to ask my kids what their favorite book in the whole world is, it would be Tickle Monster. This book may not be the best before bed, because so many laughs… but we still do it and I will always cherish the memories this book brings our family and I hope as they keep growing they will let me put on these gloves and tickle them!

Every kid loves imaginary play, and these kitchen accessories above are perfect for that! Just click on each photo to shop.

If you want some fun outdoor play toys these are always a hit! I love how realistic Fat Brain Toys made these!

Emersons Wishlist from the Fat Brain Toys Catalog (Age 9) :

Zoe’s Wishlist from the Fat Brain Toys Catalog ( Age 8)

Koen’s Wishlist from the Fat Brain Toys Catalog ( Age 7)

Olivers Wishlist from the Fat Brain Toys Catalog ( Age 5)

I hope you enjoyed seeing our favorite Educational Toys and Games from Fat Brain Toys! Just click on each of these items to shop!

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