2019 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge – Week 1 {where it all began}

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I am so excited to be able to partner with Jeffrey Court, and participate in their Renovation Challenge. We have some big goals for our future and with that we are finishing up projects for at least the next year. I thought it would be fitting to end our projects with the first DIY I ever did on our home the Fireplace.

As you can see in this photo its not bad, but its definitely not finished. We have worked endlessly redoing our entire home and I feel like this space is still so dated. When you walk into our home its one of the first things you see, and I just want to love it.

Below in the photo from before we bought the house you will see what we started out with, and it has come a long way.

If you zoom in close enough you can see lovely seashells all throughout the fireplace. While I was crafty I had never done a DIY project on a home, I had a huge pail of patching compound and I decided to fill in all the holes! I was nervous because there was no turning back. It dried after days… then I painted and I have been content ever since. The year before we added a longer mantle, and it still wasn’t quite right.

Now it is time to redo it all, and we cant wait to show you the process! Get ready to be amazed and follow along on our journey!

What is next? Its DEMO time!
With most fireplaces that are brick its easy to just work on top of it. The way these stones are some stick out so much we will be tearing all the rock down and the tile below. Honestly this is always my favorite part with doing a project the DEMO, well as long as it goes as planned. I cant wait to show you the tile we have picked out from Jeffrey Court! Make sure to follow along on my stories and I will keep you updated on here too!

Now say goodbye to the before, I cant wait to show you whats next!

  Thank you so much    Jeffrey Court    for sponsoring this post.
Thank you so much Jeffrey Court for sponsoring this post.

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