DIY Pretzel Stand – Pretzel Bar – Oktoberfest

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DIY Pretzel Stand is perfect for your Pretzel Bar and yes we go all out for Oktoberfest! Check out to see how we made it and our celebration!

Now that you see the Pretzel stand complete, let’s show how we made it and more photos!

Supplies for DIY Pretzel Stand/Bar

Copper Pipe (4)
Elbows (4)
* This is what we needed to buy. We also used a tape measure, ruler or quick square, pencil, drill, drill bit that matched the outer diameter of the copper.

Step By Step Pretzel Stand/Bar DIY :

Step 1. Now that you have all your supplies, you will start by figuring out where you want your holes for the copper pipe. This is all on preference.

Step 2. It is best to use a practice piece of wood to make sure the hole is the right size you are drilling so it isn’t to big. Figure out what bit and then drill on your board over the holes you marked.

Step 3. Once your holes are drilled you will put together the pieces of copper with the elbow joints. It is that easy!

* You could go and stain or paint your wood, for now we decided to keep it like this! There is always an option to use glue and attach your copper into the holes more permanently but we like to take this apart to store.

I love how it turned out, but now to the best part – let’s add some pretzels and decorate!

These pretzels are from a local German Bakery Ralfs – it is only open one day a week so they are really special!

I have seen different types of hooks you can add to the copper but I liked this culinary twine!

Here is an upclose of all the details! Just threw in some festive napkins and the inflatable pretzels are fun!

We couldn’t just get the traditional pretzels, it is Oktoberfest so we had to go all out!

The pretzel stand is so fun, but all the other decor just makes it perfection right?

We are already planning next years Oktoberfest, and we will be doing it earlier so we can do outside!

Here it all is pretzel bar is complete for Oktoberfest! But wait, we have to share all the fun and games! Stay tuned for that next and the best part everyone dressed up! Links are below, along with some other Oktoberfest faves!

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