Chicken Coop Bedding – Hemp

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Chicken Coop Bedding – Hemp is where its at! I feel like its a hot topic, and really its what works best for you. Let me share why I switched!

Sand, Straw, Shavings, Pellets, Coffee Grounds, Mulch, or Hemp ?

Why Hemp for the chicken coop bedding?

I started with shavings and while I did love the price, and what they were like immediately. The longevity wasn’t there, the shavings were still very dusty. I like to do the deep litter method and it got very wet in the winter using shavings. Switching to Hemp it was the opposite – and guess what I found one that is great priced too!

  1. Hemp absorbs moisture which is amazing not only if you do deep litter, but live somewhere where it is moist/damp.
  2. Almost Dust free is one of the great qualities of hemp!
  3. It is known for repelling insects and parasites.
  4. Has a fast composting rate – so perfect for compost!
  5. Controls odor which is amazing for chicken coop bedding!

Here is a freshly laid out layer of my Hemp for the chicken coop bedding. You can tell since there is no poop yet! But really just grab a big “litter shovel” and clean up through the week! I like to keep fluffing and turning the hemp each week to! If we are in the fall winter, I keep laying it and shoveling it till spring and then fresh and light!

I do love to add First Saturday Lime to the bedding and the chickens nesting boxes just as an extra precaution.

Here is a little before and after of the coop with our hemp bedding.

Which kind of Hemp Chicken Coop Bedding is best for you?

I love using the Aubiose Supreme Horse Bedding just because its a bit bigger hemp. Some love the AubiChick but I like less mess! The AubiZoo is great for small animals or even a brooder box!

I hope this gave you another option of chicken coop bedding and hopefully you will try it out!

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Chicken Coop Bedding - Hemp • Dreaming of Homemaking

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