Best Chicken Feed – Scratch and Peck

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Best Chicken Feed – Scratch and Peck is where its at! They have everything you need to feed your chicks and chickens!

Why is Scratch and Peck so amazing? What you are getting is No Fuss, No fillers, and only real ingredients! I love what they say on their packaging – ” You are what your animals eat.”

Once I switched over to Scratch and Peck, it has made such a big difference in how many eggs we get each day … and did I mention how fast they run to us especially if we bring grubs! The grub box, they aren’t grubs like you normally see from other companies these are so big and they truly get so excited! When you open your box you will be amazed at how many are inside – so worth every penny!

A chicken table makes everything better right? Well, it isn’t needed when you bring out their favorite food they will eat it even off the ground! Now what kind of food to get your chickens? Scratch and Peck has Pellets, Crumbles, and a Mash! My girls love the crumbles or the mash. We are going to actually start to ferment the mash, and I will keep you posted on that.

It’s really the best chicken feed for the girls, but if you are looking to help save and give them something amazing fermenting can help! Oh, the things I said I would never do … but we sure love these chickens!

PS. Look how big our little chick is getting! Missy is loving the starter crumbles!

When they say oyster shells, they mean oyster shells! I have bought other kinds before and nothing compares to these! Now why Oyster shells? Chickens need calcium to stay healthy, along with ensuring strong eggshells! The feed does have calcium, but sometimes they need more. We keep they oyster shells out for them at all times, and if they need it they will get it.

Organic herbs, what are they for? In this image I am showing how our chickens have it in their dust bath. There are many uses : you can feed it to them, use in their coop, nesting boxes or as I shared here for their bath.

What? Chickens need a bath! Yes- they need to get clean just like us and this helps them not get any bugs!

Before you order, make sure to add your grit! Chickens need grit at all ages, starting at chicks. Now what is grit? Grit aids in the digestion and is something you should always have for them.

Stay tuned, soon I will be sharing how we ferment the mash feed and also we are going to be sprouting the Scratch and Peck Barley! Yes, who am I? Really we love these girls so much and want the best for them, and I can’t wait to share!

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