Chicken Coop

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Chicken Coop and run that is part DIY and part prefab all in black! Sharing all the details and my favorite chicken items!

Chicken Coop Details & Questions :

  1. Did you make the actual chicken coop?
    It is a prefab Heartland Shed and we LOVE it! It was easy to put together and it came with everything we needed but the roof shingles and supplies for that. We could have done a DIY but time is money!
  2. What color is the coop and run?
    Behr Limousine Leather
  3. How many chickens can it hold?
    Most chickens need 4 square feet of coop space per chicken and 8 square feet of run space per chicken. For bigger chickens they need more run space.
  4. Do you let your chickens out every morning and put them up at night?
    We have an automatic coop door where it is set by light to let them out in the morning and it closes at night.
  5. Did you paint your hardware cloth black?
    We bought it black already from Deer Busters!

    Ask me any other questions and I will be sure to add them in here!

The full view of the chicken coop and run! We still have so many more plans for this space so stay tuned, but let me show you some more of the details!

We added a border around and for now its filled with lavender.. just because its pretty and smells so good for the chickens! Did you know they like to eat it too? Ps the black hardware cloth is my favorite!!

Chicken wire is underneath all the sides, and underneath the pea gravel.
Update – I will say pea gravel hasn’t been my favorite – I am going to try woodchips and report back.

Let’s have a little tour inside the coop!

This is where we started and this summer we are going to do a little update! The nesting boxes we put on the ground since we have a chicken with one leg and wanted a spot for her to nest – but we want to raise it since she has her spot she likes to lay eggs.

We also switched to using HEMP for the ground instead of shavings and I have to say GAME CHANGER! We also added these nesting pads.

I do love using the First Saturday lime in the chicken coop and dust bath!

We love our automatic door, our ramp isn’t traditional but we had to make it for our one legged chicken hop along! It has worked great!

A dust bath is a must for chickens! I like to add peat moss, first saturday lime and some herbs!

Chicken swings are fun too, and so many other options to add to your chicken coop!

Our coop is next to our orchard and one day it will all transform even more!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more into our chicken coop stay tuned for the step by step tutorial!

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Chicken Coop • Dreaming of Homemaking

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