Best Bird Feeder for Bird Watching

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We love watching birds, and when I saw this see through bird feeder I knew it was a must. It is perfect for kids, and adults too!

There are so many bird feeder options out there even ones you can DIY. Today I am going to share with you the best one I found for bird watching.

Here is the window bird feeder we chose! You can get it and the seeds HERE. It was so easy to put together, just insert the suction cups and set in the tray once you are ready for bird watching.

Once its put together take out the tray, and fill with bird seed. If you have different types of birds you can place some in each tray! Now we are ready to put it outside!

Make sure you have a clean surface, get the suction cups moist and you are ready to put up and start bird watching!

Have you ever seen a bird feeder that you can see through? Zoe is thrilled that she can watch them from here bedroom! The one thing you need to think about when placing them – is it a place where birds would fly? We have lots of covered areas so we made sure not to put them there and this was perfect with the plants for them to perch.

Moments after we put it up this little bird you see here was quite excited… our little pup started to bark and scared it as it was in the window box. We never saw it fly out so Zoe went inside to check on it. Well, she didn’t see it.

We were finishing up some photos and I stood up next to the box and I don’t think I have ever screamed and laughed so loud. Out popped the bird, now Zoe is patiently waiting for it to return… to be continued .


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  1. I absolutely love your posts. Could you pleas tell me where you got the see through bird feeder on Zoe’ window? That is so cute. Thanks for all your posts.

    1. Thank you so much! You can click on any of the bird feeder photos or go here -

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