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DIY Outdoor Movie Screen

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We love outdoor movies, and while we have to drive a few hours to one we decided to make our own DIY movie screen. We have got so much use out of it, and its one of our favorite summer memories! I will be showing how we made this, and an option for the non – DIYERS too! 

Now lets get started! 

* Purchase supplies depending on size of screen you want to make.

Supplies : 

1 – Sheet of Plywood 
4 – 1-in x 4-in x 8-ft; Actual: 0.75-in x 3.5-in x 8-ft) Pine Board
1 – Quart Behr Silverscreen Paint
Brad nails, Brad Nailer, Paint, Paint Brush, Painting Supplies, Ryobi Saw, Ruler, Pencil

First step, we painted the Plywood with the Behr Silverscreen Paint. We just used a roller to put the paint on, but you could use a paint sprayer to. 

Next lay on your Pine Board, and figure out your size to cut. 

Once you cut your pieces, use your brad nailer and attach. 

Our kids love to help with projects, the more help the better right!

This is one of the easiest projects we have done, we planed to stain the pine board… but didn’t get to it. There are so many options you can do to it, and to make it better but we were happy with this quick project! 

Now time to enjoy!

Time to grab your blankets, get cozy and wait for it to get dark! Our feature presentation for the first showing is the Goonies! 

Everyone loved the light box, jus make sure you don’t smash it like I did. You can find it HERE. 

Here is our little set up, this is always a hit!

We love stocking up on cheap boxed candies!

And we can’t forget the classic coke and red vines. 

It was such a hit, it was sold out! I hope you can make your own screen at home! Now for the other details everyone asks for is what kind of projector do we use?

We use two different ones, and for different reasons.  

1. Projector HERE : This is the first projector we ever got and its old reliable! It is clear, and always works! Pro : always works great Con : its bulkier than option 2, and not as techy. 

2. Cinemood HERE : It is so great to tag along everywhere, my kids each want one because its so neat! It is best used with wifi unless you download movies on it. There are fun games, and stories downloaded and they keep updating more! It has netflix, amazon and youtube! 

Now for the portable screen if you don’t love to DIY , we love this ! We take this one camping and its easy to use, stores great and no complaints! You can find it HERE. 

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment here! Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram , Facebook, and pin along with me on Pinterest! 

* A special thanks to my friend Emily Anne for the great tips on this project! 

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  1. We are currently researching how to make a permanent wood screen for our fence. How has this held up? Any changes you’d make? Thank you!

  2. Love this idea! We are half way there with ours and all we need is the projector! I want one that someone’s actually used and loves. Which one did you use?

    1. Both projectors we use are linked above right at the end. The cheaper is our always works one that we love… the CINEMOOD is the fun one that we can take along but needs WiFi

    1. Both projectors we use are linked above at the bottom! The cheaper is our always works one that we love… the CINEMOOD is the fun one that we can take along but needs WiFi

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