2019 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge – Week 6 {Final Reveal}

Its week 6 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge, and its the final reveal ! Thank you for following along as we have gone through this process and if you missed out of any of the other posts you can read all about it on WEEK 1 , WEEK 2, WEEK 3, WEEK 4, and WEEK 5! Above you can see a SNEAK of our Final Reveal… but lets not forget to see what it took to get here! I will be honest, I didn’t think we would finish in time… I even contacted Jeffrey Court saying I would most likely be out of the competition… but we DID IT … lots of sweat and tears, and almost giving up. You know what they say though – its ALWAYS worth it and it was! So lets see what went into finishing this fireplace.

Miss Daisy was like are we done yet??? But we are just beginning!

Its time for the part we have been waiting for TILE time! This is our first time doing it completely on our own, and James did it like a pro! I got to be the helper, this honestly was the best part! We went a little different on the direction we were going with the tile, I planned to do tile on the actual fireplace but I know me… and It would have been to much! So we put both tiles down on the hearth.

We typically do projects only on Saturdays, but we had a deadline so late after work it was! The tile cut so smoothly, it was so nice to see how easy it was … we were ready for easy!

The tile is all cut, and in place tomorrow will be time to grout!

It is all grouted and ready to dry! This tile from start to finish took under an hour and was such a breeze… if only the rest was this easy! I am so happy with how it turned out, putting the grout in made such a difference!

Now back to the electric fireplace, we built the base for it and it may not look like much…honestly I was stressed for days just looking at this blank piece knowing my vision and just had to have faith that it would turn out.

It is the part I have waited for time to start layering!!

Whenever working on a project we like to use glue along with the brad nailer.

Now its starting to come to life! ( and I just now noticed little Ollie peeking in the window)

I have a curio cabinet that I just love in the same space this fireplace is going, so I wanted to make it look similar. Adding this trim to the sides does just that!

You can see, its all coming together… layer after layer!

( Dont worry I will have a tutorial soon showing each step and all the supplies!)

Our plan was to stop here, but it just didnt seem like it was just right.

Then we got the idea to layer some more, and here is our idea… now back to the store for some more supplies!

It is finally looking like its coming together, oh wait…

We added some more layers of trim, and its just right!

Well, till we got to the sides and it ended up looking funny so we took off a piece and perfection! You can also see we added the mantle too. We layered two pieces and its just right!

Now, remember where I said it looked like we were getting close? We had to finish off the sides of where we took off the old fireplace. So time to take off the trim and shiplap to start all over.

Now before I get questions on why we covered up our gas fireplace, it never worked more than just for looks and a new blower/insert and repair just wasnt in our budget. Plus I wanted to make the insert come out more and not be flush to the wall. So we decided on an electric fireplace even though it wasnt our original plan, but its so worth it now!

Fresh Shiplap – Check!

Removing old board and batten, and adding new – CHECK!

All the prep work is done, now the final part to be built is the framework on the top. Before we just had the mdf pieces flush on the wall, but I wanted to make it stand out so we framed it out.

You can see here it is complete, I think James is just a bit excited! Now to all my work… hours of paiting and prep work!

Rosie is a bit excited to see it all coming together, I would have to agree too!

I like to fill in all the holes and gaps, then sand off and its ready to paint!

Time to paint!

Zoe was a little worried when she came home to this yellow, dont worry just two coats and it was white and fresh! Sometimes when you paint plywood it turns colors.

 Ok remember these are the BEFORES of the space!

Ok remember these are the BEFORES of the space!

Now that you see the befores, let me share with you our final REVEAL!

Here it is in all its glory, now lets take a closer look at the tile!

Another BEFORE and AFTER but an up close of this gorgeous tile, and the fireplace!

I cant get enough of this view, as many trials we went through on this project it was all worth it!

This tile is just what I was wanting, simple and classic!

We may all have sat in front of the fireplace, just sitting soaking it in!

Now you can see the fireplace on and off. We chose this one because I loved seeing the brick and log not just a black screen when not on.

I just wanted to say thank you again for following along on this adventure! It was surely not what we expected but turned out far more incredible! Thank you Jeffrey Court for the chance to compete in this challenge, and dont forget to VOTE !

If you are looking for some great tile for your next project head on over to Jeffrey Court you will find what you are looking for!

  1. Leslie Saeta says:

    This was an amazing project Sarah. I am so impressed!

  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful space! Kudos to both you and your husband! Kudos!!!!

  3. Grace says:

    This came out so gorgeous!! Nice work!!

  4. SHANTA Farley says:

    It looks so beautiful! You did such a great job!

  5. Emily Chase says:

    Beautiful!! Can you also share where you sourced the electric fireplace? I love your surround–looks so much better than the fireplaces that come with trim around!

  6. Teresa says:

    The two of you are an amazing team!! Love all the beauty and love you have put into your home! Best of luck!!

  7. Mary says:

    WOW! What a lot of work but so worth it! Just gorgeous!

  8. Annabelle Yoshikawa says:

    Beautiful!!! You make an amazing team!

  9. Lindsay says:

    A really lovely makeover. Well done! I also really love your mora wall clock in your hallway. Was it from wayfair or is it an original version? xoxo

  10. Margie says:

    Beautiful looking. Great job!

  11. Tracy says:

    Love the fireplace! Where can I see a tutorial on how to build this?

  12. Tile Club says:

    So clean and fresh! The subtle texture on the fireplace adds a great detail to the white decor!

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