How To Love Your Home

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How to love your home, that is always my goal to teach you how to turn your house into your home and love it.

How to love your home, well sometimes its just a house and you have to turn it into your HOME. For me thats always been the case and hopefully you are enjoying following along on our NEW JOURNEY.

If you came over from Claire Lynn Home thank you for coming over and I hope you enjoy being here! Bre asked a group of us to share what we love about our home. Today I am going to share some things on whats made me love my old home and our new house we are turning into our home.

This year we were able to buy our dream home, BUT can I tell you our last home we turned into our dream. I can truly say it doesn’t matter the size, what it looks like, or even the condition it is in… but you can make your house your home and your DREAM.

I will say… this house… our dream home isn’t what we ever imagined or exactly what we want, nor was the one before… but its all the DREAMS we have for each one. It doesn’t always happen over night… for us I know it didn’t and heck even our new house boy we have a LOT of work to do…. today I will share why we LOVE our Home and in return ways to love YOUR HOME.


My favorite thing I love about my home is who is in it, and just making it COZY. There are lots of things I do to make it cozy and make me feel like it’s mine. Let me share some ways below!


Dream – but realize things don’t happen overnight ( in most cases)
This kitchen was 8 years of saving and dreaming.

DON’T wait to make it feel like HOME. That is one of my biggest regrets… Let me share some tips on how to make it feel like HOME.

  1. Paint – always paint its so inexpensive and makes such a difference!
  2. Hardware – on any cabinet, door you can switch it out paint it
  3. Mirrors – an easy update thats inexpensive.
  4. Lighting – this sometimes is a little spendier but you can always find used or just paint!
  5. Decor – Find some decor that makes you feel like home.
  6. Pillows – I love just an insert and getting different covers.
  7. Art work
  8. Rugs
  9. Plants
  10. Window Coverings

Now some things that help me feel at home without being a project or decorating – just keeping your house clean or making your bed. Going to bed with a clean house or kitchen helps so much – but not always doable. Lighting a candle or adding a fragrance can really help. 

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to love your home! And hopefully you can check out The Gift of Home by Bre it is such an amazing book that is full of so many design ideas that will inspire you and make you love your home. Not only is it full of ideas, but I know I want to keep it out just to look through and it looks so pretty too! You can purchase The Gift of Home HERE.

Before you leave make sure to check out my friend Melissa at The Inspired Room she lives not far from me, and you will just adore her.

I’m so excited to be giving away one of Bre’s books, its so easy to enter! Just enter the giveaway below and for more entries visit each of the blogs on the tour – plus all the tips and ideas!

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