Fourth of July Breakfast – Tradition

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We love traditions in this house, and the Fourth of July is no exception! We start the day out with a festive breakfast! Some years it has been a fun toast with a flag on it, then colorful pancakes, but this is my fave and I know everyone will eat it! The colorful milk is always a hit, honestly I have no idea how it tastes and its probably not good or good for them but they love it! 

Here is a view before everyone gets settled and it all gets messy! I love simple decor even with holidays.

You can find the charger from my friend SawDust.Angel HERE , Glass bottles HERE, TableRunner HERE

I will be sharing below how to make this yummy Fourth of July dessert thats perfect for anytime of the day! 

Now that you see the pretty, time for the messy! We always call it a success when the rug isn’t covered with red and blue milk! Its really something the kids look forward to so we learn to expect whatever happens next. 

You know when you set the bar high, when you start all these traditions when they are young and expect them each year … I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything and hope they keep asking for it every year! 

Now to show you how to make this easy Fourth of July Dessert! 


Here is what you will need and an easy step by step!


  1. Angel Food Cake  ( You can buy premade or make)
  2. Whip Cream ( we like Reddi Whip) 
  3. Strawberries
  4. Blue Berries
  5. Glass Jar
  6. Optional Ribbon


  1. Wash Berries and cut strawberries.
  2. Have Jars washed and ready and you are ready to begin!
  3. Start by tearing apart some angel food cake and put that as your first layer.
  4. Next add Berries.
  5. Put Whip cream on top of layers.
  6. Repeat to fill your jar size!
  7. Keep cool and refrigerate 

* I have put lids on and kept on ice for a party and they turned out great even sitting for a bit! 

This is such an easy treat to make and fun for kids to help! 

Here is the final result, its really so easy and such a hit! We love to make these every year and not just for the Fourth of July! 

Whats your Fourth of July Tradition?

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Fourth of July Breakfast - Tradition

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