Christmas Playhouse and Tree Decorating with JOANN

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  *THIS IS A SPONSORED POST WITH JOANN, ALL THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. THANK YOU JOANN FOR SPONSORING THIS.  It’s our favorite time of the year, the kids were beyond excited to decorate their playhouse for Christmas. We didn’t know what theme we were planning on, so we headed over to JOANN to see what all they had. I found the cutest neutral decor for it, but its their playhouse so I let them choose and they wanted traditional. At JOANN they had such great selections, so make sure to follow along to see it all, along with all the sources at the bottom. We also did a fun DIY, thats so easy for anyone, and don’t forget to see what tree we decorated …the kids decided to go big or go home!


Before I give you the full view, Rosie wanted to say hi and welcome you! If you see any missing ornaments she kept stealing them and trying to eat them. I think JOANN needs to add a dog line to their store, she would be all for it!

I wanted to first show all the details before I do the full view – suspense right? I don’t know which part to begin with because I love it all! This doormat was what made us decide on the traditional, we knew we needed the doormat to be the focal point so when we saw it at JOANN we knew! What we didn’t think was that we would find these amazing lights! The lights are meant to be on spikes in the ground, but we had other plans and I love how they worked out.

The trees have been named the Candy Cane trees, we found all the ribbon and ornaments at JOANN too and it was so hard to decide on which to get. The little window boxes needed something and what better than to add some of the ornaments.

This is a sneak peek to the fun DIY we did using yard stick, paint, screws and some added lights! You can find the whole tutorial on the JOANN APP.

My kids love this DIY Star as it sits up in the tree above their little playhouse, when its lit up at night its so magical. It was the easiest craft ever, the hardest part was getting up this massive tree!

We cant forget the Santa mailbox we found at JOANN the kids were so excited to put their letters in the box!

I love this view looking down, we are ready for Santa to come!

Oh wait, I think we found Santa and his Elf aka Ollie and Rosie.

When we first planned how we were going to decorate we decided to bring the two little trees out, then another one of our full size ones. We started decorating and were like we have the best tree there is right here, and why not decorate it so everyone driving by can see! Here is the full view, just imagine it at night all lit up. This was so much fun to do and create.. its been a dream come true to partner with JOANN it has made the holiday season even more special to be able to do these fun projects and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. So I wanted to say a big thank you to JOANN for being such a support to me and my family. Make sure to check out the JOANN APP to see the fun Star DIY and if you make it or any of the DIYS I have done make sure to tag me on Instagram or send me a message I would love to share!

Sources :

I have placed all the links below, some are affiliate links thank you for supporting my blog!
You can click on each item.

Door Mat
Large Bulb Lights (3 boxes shown)
Santa Mail Box
Red and White Stripe Ribbon
Ornament Tube
Ornament Box

Supplies for Hanging Star :

5 Yard Sticks
White Paint
White lights

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