Indian Runner Ducks

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We added to our little farmstead! Indian Runner Ducks! These are the cutest little things ever, messy yes but so cute and fun!

We did a lot of research and Indian Runner ducks are what we knew we wanted, we also wanted to make sure we bought only females. We ordered these from Meyer Hatchery right after Christmas but wanted specific colors, and waited till we felt like it was safe for them to ship. These little came in the mail the cutest ducks ever!

We ordered 10 so they had a better chance to make it, all bundled up! As soon as we got in the post office these cute little ones were making so much noise and ready to come home.

They came a lot quicker than we thought, if you are getting in the mail and it says 3 days plan on 1-2 haha! So in this tote they went for a few till we got their set up ready.

Ten ducks would have been a lot, well Zoe told me five is the most I can have. She is my voice of reason, so my sweet friend got five and now she has our ducks little friends!

When they tell you ducks grow fast, they grow so quickly! This is less than two weeks later!! Honestly we are just so excited they are getting more fun the older they get!

Someone fell in love with these little ducklings. It even pooped on James and he thinks they are so cute and fun still.

We are so excited to share all the fun duck plans with you! We will be building them a little duck house with a TimberTech Deck and little pond! Stay tuned!


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Indian Runner Ducks • Dreaming of Homemaking

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