Country Outdoor Wedding

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A country outdoor wedding in June on the most perfect day!

The day we planned for 6 months for, when our niece asked if they could get married at our house we were so excited to say yes. Our property was a bit of a mess and we had a LOT of projects to get done, but we did it! The week before it was so much rain it was flood warnings, and we joked that you never know here till after July 5th but out of no where it was the most beautiful June day, even to the point where we all got sunburns.

I know, I know you are ready to see all the details!

We got the house all ready, literally changed all the landscape and we got it done! A front door was needed so just a few days before. Naturally we had to take down our Christmas lights so we did that the day before.

The backyard we transformed and added so much! Keeping reading for more details but let’s get onto the wedding.

I have to say, we just hosted and the Bride ( my niece Eily) and her family planned it all. They did such an amazing job and took care of every detail down to the robes.

These photos are a mix of mine and the talented photographer Allison aka A.ColaPhotography I am so glad she was able to help capture these moments.

The Bride and her Bridesmaids.

It was almost time for the wedding and everything is ready, but the girls.

All the girls of the bridal party.

Dressed up for a country outdoor wedding in boots!

Just the best when family is there to do hair and makeup.

I just love these candid moments getting ready.

Mother of the Bride that did it all, even helping the groom get ready for the big day!

The dress is so beautiful, but when its on its just amazing.

Sometimes photos are just better in black and white and make the photos timeless, nothing better.

Country Outdoor Wedding :

In a field overlooking the farmlands, and the bride and grooms wish next to the pond.

Every detail is perfection including the signs.

Remembering those that can’t be there – their cousin Bruce in heaven.

Cake time! Cake in the face – Place your bet’s now who will win?

Popcorn in buckets, lemonade and bottled sodas!

Flower girl baskets. Now let’s get onto the wedding!

The most perfect day for a country outdoor wedding, it is time to get married!

Look how sweet, here comes the bride!

Just a few of the people that came out for the amazing day.

Here comes the bride.

It is time to get hitched!

The perfect little ceremony in front of the pond.

You may now kiss the bride.

Family Photo time!

Bridal Party


Family & Friends

These photos are pure perfection from A.Colaphotography, I love every detail and the moody colors.

Now husband and wife.

The cutest little girl getting all sugared up!

It’s official!

A sneak of the tables and food area.

The rings, in the most beautiful flowers.

Cake smash time – and naturally the groom got hit!

All fun and games.

S’more time!

Tractor parking

Favors – let love grow with these little seeds.

They are off, what is better than a send off with sparklers!

Time to drive off, after the most magical wedding day! I hope you enjoyed the photos and can get some inspiration, I know these will always be a wonderful memory! Ps. As soon as we finished cleaning up the rain came. Literally the perfect day!

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Country Outdoor Wedding


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