7 + DIYS That Transformed Our Backyard Space

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This summer we were suppose to take off of doing projects, but if you have followed along you know they never end… I always think of some grand new idea to make spaces better! Our backyard has been a never ending project, but one project led to putting in a new fence then tearing out all our grass, taking down a tree, leveling our backyard, reseeding it and making a new space including this privacy screen. Well that was all done, and it left the other side that wasn’t finished looking just that – not finished. Today I am going to share with you where we started, how far we have come and then let you see how 7 + DIYS transformed our backyard space.

Check out THE HOME DEPOT BLOG to see the after!

When we first bought our home, it was liveable and we did that for 8 years just doing little things here and there. The first few big projects we did were painted the house, worked on the backyard like you can see us starting in this photo and our front yard. It still had a long way to go… and here we are to today.

Years go by, and lots of work after we get to this photo but you can see lots of work needed to be done.

Here it the back of the house when we purchased it. We painted it right away a sage green, and thats about all we did for a long time. Next we added a deck, then last year a covered pergola but we didn’t finish till now as you can see on The Home Depot Blog.

Now here is the view that has changed so much, if you want to see the after and all the other befores head to The Home Depot Blog!

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